Create Aqualasia wifi shower connection

Hi there, just joined HA and moving all my devices from my samsung smarthings hub, running a docker version on a raspberry pi and so far so good. I can see a thread related to the wifi enabled aqualasia shower, Aqualisa Wi-Fi enabled Shower , which seems more related to controlling the shower device where as I am only interested in pulling the data from it that shows when it was turned on and off, duration etc. Ideally have some kind of widget that shows me a summary of usage for the day/week/month etc. Is this possible and does something already exist? I have set up MQTT on my HA instance but that is as about as far as my limited skills can take me hence if anyone can help me that would be great, thanks! Chris

Sorry - We removed our Aqualisa units with the latest house refurb.

Did you ever get anywhere? I’m in the same position as you.