Create led strip presets

Hello everybody.
I have two led strips managed by a d1 mini with esphome that I integrated into the home assistant. Can I save selected colors from the color palette in order to make presets? to know the RGB values ​​that match a selected color? Grazie

So you just want to know the RGB value when you chose one?

You could check the developer tools / states menu, find your light and look in the right hand column for the rgb_color attribute. This will be of the form 0-255, 0-255 0-255. You will have to convert this to hexadecimal for a #0-FF 0-FF 0-FF value.

Thanks I found the values ​​and they will be useful for creating scenes.
I would also like to create something that once the color is selected I can save it in a preset. Create some that you can always change when I go to save another color without creating an additional scene.I’m not very practical, he ran a script …

I don’t know of anything that can save the values for later use. Even this relies on manually presenting the values:

Well, you can actually call the scene.create service to create a scene using the state of one or multiple entities

However, your scene will be deleted if your restart your home-assistant server…

Create a new scene without having to configure it by calling the scene.create service. This scene will be discarded after reloading the configuration.

Thanks … already using rgb light card and I am very satisfied.
I had seen on the net a video of a LED lamp project where he saved the colors he selected from the 2 LED strips in presets. Unfortunately, he has no longer published the programming. Two led strips driven by d1 mini with esphome, a rotary sensor all integrated into the home assistant. It is probably the same creator of this project, where I used programming.