Critical alerts suddenly not working?

Just yesterday I was able to get critical alerts and now all i get is basic alerts.

I’ve been testing with the services tab in HA and can’t get them to work. Even tried to do it in automations. I get a normal alert and not the critical alert.

Any help would be much appreciated

{ "message": "Test Notification.",
    "data": {
        "push": {
            "sound": {
                "name": 'default',
                "critical": 1,
                "volume": 1.0

Nothing is wrong on your end, it’s a known issue with the current version of the app and a fix is currently being investigated.

Update: Robbie submitted a fix and requested expedited review from Apple. Should be up by Monday at the latest.

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Thanks for fixing this in the latest release. Everything is back up and running. Cheers!

I have started with the same issue today…
Was working till after lunch now I don’t get any notifications to mine or my wife’s iPhone running the latest of everything…

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We believe this issue is now resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please try resetting your Push ID in the app and waiting 12 hours. If you continue to have issues after that, please contact us via Twitter or Discord.