Currently running Hassbian...Should I switch?

Hello all,

I am currently running Hassbian on an RPi3, and I have had a tough go getting it set up with Z-wave. But, I am learning :slight_smile: My question is should I switch over to I have been watching a lot of BRUH Automation’s videos, and it seems like has advantages over Hassbian. This made me think of switching, but I have some questions and concerns about it.

Is it worth the switch?
And if so, can I use the same config file?
Will my Z-wave nodes carry over?
I have my Pi configured with a static IP, so would I have to redo that?

I’m sure a few more will pop up, but if anyone can help with these, that’d be great. Thanks in advance!

Try it with a new SD card, nothing to lose then :slight_smile: , just pop the hassbian one back in if you don’t like it or it doesn’t suit. I’m sticking with the AIO install for the moment as I know what’s what with it (more or less anyway and I don’t want another learning curve with docker stuff that I have no clue about).

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Thanks, keithh666, I hadn’t thought of that. I will try it :smiley:

Are there any major bugs still being worked on in the latest release of

I’m in the process of doing the opposite. I have a separate SD card set up and I’m looking to go from to Hassbian. I have some x10 devices that don’t play well with and I have so many zwave devices that the UI has gotten so busy. I was trying to use groups, but it just wasn’t working in and the latest release did away with Groups altogether. I want to use floorplan and control my alarm moving forward, and I think I can slowly learn Hassbian and make it do more better than with It was nice however because I was using it to get started. Now after 3 weeks I’m moving on.

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Hey, I just posted this same message over here then saw your thread. :slight_smile:

maybe I’m late to this thread, but over the weekend I migrated my customised hassbian installation to in less than an hour.

Things I used in hassbian:

  • A bunch of HA services like weather etc
  • GPIO switches
  • Z-Wave (USB Aeotec)
    • 25 Z-Wave devices
  • MySQL installation on Pi (custom DB)
  • Samba installation on Pi (custom)
  • Mosquitto installation on Pi (custom) (MQTT)
    • various devices connected via MQTT

Now I have running in

  • All the above services/devices
  • LetsEncrypt via add-on for https
  • Samba via add-on
  • Mosquitto MQTT via add-on
  • Update setup MariaDB via add-on
    • I put config at the end

I have to say, I was totally expecting it not to work, and I even compensated for this by commenting things out to anticipate this. I don’t think I needed to do this.
I used a separate SD card, so I could roll back without fuss.
Also, I’m ok with losing my DB history for migration

In reality, it worked pretty much out of the box.

I backed up my hassbian configs for:

  • HA (everything in HA dir)
    • configuration.yaml
    • all other .yaml configs
    • zwcfg_*******.xml
  • samba config
    • smb.conf
  • mosquitto config
    • mosquitto.conf
    • pwfile (found in same dir as mosquitto.conf)

Then I installed on a new SD card, didnt bother with wifi (I’ll set that up another time)

Waited for installation to come online and checked IP (Pi has a static IP in my router)

when was online:

  • logged in
  • setup samba add-on via menu
  • deleted default config files via samba
  • copied my yaml config files over via samba
  • copied zwcfg_*******.xml file via samba
  • rebooted via menu

I’m very satisfied so far :+1:


  • installed MariaDB easily via add-on
    • remember to set password with “double-quotes”
    • hit SAVE
    • updated config with:
  db_url: mysql://hass:[email protected]/homeassistant
  purge_days: 14
  • reboot

Thank you both for your replies. I am definitely going to go the separate memory card option and try it out. I have just, as of last night, gotten my first automations up and running in Hassbian, and I don’t want to lose those. I think I am going to let get a couple of more updates under its belt, and then dive in with a new SD card. Hopefully, I will have the same easy transition as you, plonka2000!