Curtain Automation

Just noticed that near my bedroom curtain I have a 240 power supply :slight_smile: … so I now I am thinking to automate the curtains!

Any ideas from where I can start?

My curtains are installed using a rail very similar to this, ideally I use the same but if I had to replace it is not a big deal.
Regarding conectivity to HA, I use both Z-Wave and WiFi, any will do.

Have you looked at the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Curtain motor?

yes and looks what i need but the problem is that its Zigbee. Is there a wifi or z wave version?

There is a kickstarter voor something called SwitchBot. I think it’s wifi compatible

I used this video and adapted it using esp8266 which connects thru blynk and hassio. Cost less than £15.


I’ve just bought a couple of these from Ali Express. A recommended supplier.
They can be controlled via remote, or switch, but I’ve got them wired up to a Fibaro Roller Shutter on Zwave, controlled via HA.

This particular model of motor has some quirks (it’s own end stop sensor clashes with the fibaro calibration), but I got it to work ok in the end.

Did you use the advised NEMA17’s or the cheaper BYJ48 stepper motor? Are you happy with your setup?

Initially I used the cheaper ones but it wasn’t accurate enough. I then used a nema17 and a pulley. Been working great for months.

I had a similar Curtain track need and I researched Somfy. We used a company here in the UK called Emanuel’s Interiors in Kent and ended up having Somfy Glydea Curtain track. I purchased the Tahoma hub which also links to Google Assist. Works a treat.
Plugs into the 230v socket down the side of the curtain, cables hidden by the curtain which is a bonus. Not the cheapest or most expensive track but carry our heavy curtains well.
The installer had seen lots of the stand alone motors on the market but he stressed that they are noisier and would struggle to carry more weight. Give Somfy a go.

Do you mind sharing some photos please?

I’ll take some vids and pics for you no problem.
Somfy track is white but you’ll see we had a fascia made to cover

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Hi Folks - have you considered the automated curtains by Zemismart? (Zemismart Smart Curtain)

I have a 4 meter, 5 meter, and most recently a 2 meter track installed. The track has an innovative design to adjust to the right length and looks to be good build quality, easy to construct (although the instructions take a bit of deciphering) The motor sound is barely noticeable.

One drawback is that WiFi operation is through a Tuya dongle, however they also function from the included RF remote and RF wall switch. They can also be hardwired to a wall switch using an RJ-45 cable. To escape the Tuya dependency, I’ve mine wired to a WiFi wall switch, and integrated into HA using the switch and a template cover.

If you’re happy to go with Tuya, its a 2 hours install and done. I was (am) on a budget, and these just seemed about half the price of anything else. I’ve had them installed now for 2 - 8 months. The bedroom (4m) operates multiple times daily with heavy curtains and still runs like the day I installed it. Just wanted to share my $0.02. Take care, Dave.

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Hi Folks, Just a follow-up on this. I’ve since been able to convert the WiFi dongle to Tasmota, and have the settings working 100% correct. I am able to position the curtains from 0% (closed) to 100% (fully open) using Home Assistant, and have the position reflected in Home Assistant when the RF remote is used to move the curtain. Let me know if my Tasmota config will interest anyone and I will post a how-to guide.

Nice video, thanks for the link!

Watching that I assume once it’s all hooked up you are unable to operate the curtains manually, as there is too much resistance from the stepper motor?

What’s the battery life like on the AA pack - I assume the whole thing runs off that once the programming is finished via USB?

Would love to see your config, i bought a zemismart curtain but it is the new design which has wifi dongle integrated. Still i bet the configs are same…

I’ve been looking at the new design ones (as well as the older version)… very interested to see how you go.

I have never converted a tuya device before, this will be my first… I ordered a wemos d1 and still waiting for it to arrive… As soon as i get it i will start and hopefully send a working config…

what do you mean by convert the wifi dongle to tasmota? did you replace the dongle of flash the firmware?

Im interested in your conversion too!