Custom card: Room Card

So I made my own card, used another custom card as an example and made it my own.

Tell me what you think!
And if you see improvement, please let me know!


Wow! Nice job! I’m going to give this bad boy a try :slightly_smiling_face: :clap:

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Hi! I cannot use the room-card…I get this error message: No card type configured.
I installed via HACS and added the lovelace declaration inside my configuration.yaml.
Can you helpp me please?
Thank you.


Thanks for this card! Still working on creating room cards for various parts of the house, but looking good so far:


I found this room-card to be something that I would like to use and have started working on a dashboard using it for a tablet that I am will plan to mount some day.

Couple of things/ questions:

Does it have support for hold_action on any part of the card, I could not get that to work. Also, is there a way to support different colors on each card, can anyone guide me on that.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the late response. It does have that but it not working with every entity sadly. It also kinda hard to test. So that combined with a busy schedule makes it a low prio for me. But I will look into it and let you know. But it can take a while.

Sorry for the late response. Have you specified a card type in the yaml? Show me you yaml plz

Here is how my card is setup:

type: custom:room-card
title: Garage
entity: switch.garage_light_switch
icon: mdi:lightbulb
state_color: true
show_state: false
  action: toggle
  action: more-info
  action: more-info
  - entity: cover.garage_door
    name: Door

Double tap on a tablet screen works, but hold does not. I am trying this on Fire HD 10.

Ah I see. Yeah now I know why it isnt in there, is really hard to detect with javascript when you are holding and when you are you pressing on the button.

I think I will remove it from the documentation since its not working. And probably never will work correctly. Sorry

I love that you are using it in the way that it was intended :smiley:

I see, thanks for your response. I have very recently starting on my wallmount dashboard and found this card to be handy to capture over all status on a room, really like it so far. Thanks for putting this together and sharing.

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How am i not finding this in HACS?

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Hi there. I have the same problem: cannot find it in HACS and no way to use the manual installation.

Any idea?


Is there anyone to help finding this in hacs?

it’s working for me

The manual installation is provided in the Readme on github:

I don’t know? It’s working for me and at least a few others

For anyone else not finding this in HACS, I had to add it as a custom repository:

There is a default list of repositories in HACS and room-card is not in that list:

Never had to do that. And its not in de default repositories because the requirements for that are insane. But glad you have it working now :slight_smile:

Hi! I cannot use the room-card…I get this error message: No card type configured.
I installed via HACS as a custom repository and added the lovelaceConfiguration → Lovelace Dashboards → Resources panel and it shows Type JavaScript-Modul
but no card showen in add card. of course many restarts
Pleaase Help your card looks real good.thx