Custom card: Room Card

Can you share you yaml?

In the config i have
- url: /hacsfiles/room-card/room-card.js
type: module
and tried without, no change
It never loads

Have you checked the installation steps?
And there are examples here :

Yes I installed it twice. the card never shows up. I also added the examples manually. No card type configured. On resoursess it shows/ hacsfiles/room-card/room-card.js?hacstag=4544409490xx type javascript-modul

Ok, have you added it to your dashboard?

I got it working but I believe the instructions need a bit more clarity
My take:

  • used github url to add as a custom repository in HACS, it shows nicely as a tile then (after download)
  • added it as a MANUAL card, using your yaml example …this is not too clear, I was expecting a visual setup but…have done plenty without too :slight_smile:

@vingerha hnx for the info. I am currently waiting for my Pull Request to complete so it will be in the HACS default repository list. Its weird that some cant download it from HACS. But that should make things a lot easier.

The card didn’t like the extra - inside the file.
I removed the first and now it works ( some space removed) and its ok

That’s basic yaml. But glad you found it!

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Glad to inform you, the repo is now added to the HACS default repo and is now easier to find and install!

How to use the haptic option in room card?

It has the standard tap and hold actions, the haptic feedback is provided by the app.

How to change colors of title “Exterior” and temperature “92.3”

Kindly guide

You need to use the styles option

Can you plz post an example??

- type: custom:room-card
  title: Mancave
  entity: group.mancave_lights
  icon: mdi:lightbulb-outline  
    color: red

But currently this applies to all entities in the header. If you want to apply it to each entity individually you will have to wait till I fix the bug in it :slight_smile:

Thank you… Great work really loving the card…

Can we also change the colors of “Front” , ‘Driveway’, ‘Deck’ etc and also the font size ?

Please post an example…

Thank you for the great work.

You can now set the styles on any entity

    color: red

But you have to have version 0.0.11

I just updated to 0.0.11. Restarted HA.

  - entity: switch.speaker
    name: Nest
      color: green
    toggle: true
    state_color: true

The color of text “Nest” is not changing … what am I doing wrong ?

info_entries are also not aligned properly in this version. Plz check the text entry which used to be aligned in .10 version