Custom cards not working

I decided to install the HA Companion app into my IPad 4th generation with IOS 10.3.4, but i get tons of errors about many custom card like layout-card, stack-in-card etc… Is there a way to fix this?

Interesting choice to ask for a fix but not tell us what the errors are :wink:

Could be useful for helping you.

Yes you are right… as now i am on my Mac, cannot publish a screenshot of the HA companion, but all the errors refer to custom elements doens’t exist. and this is related to many custom card custom elements…

And they work when you access HA through your local address I assume?

Could be a premission issue.

edit: @maurizio53

What OS do you use (on the server)?

How did you install the cards? (HACS? manual?)

Do you have JS disabled by mistake?

Yes of course, all is working on my MAC and on my smartphone android

This is the screenshot of my IPad…
All the custom cards installed are working good everywhere except on my HA Companion for IOS

Where to enable/disable it?

I just grabbed an old tablet of mine (android 7.0) and i see it has the same problem as you. no custom cards will display :frowning:
maybe its a known issue?

Hmmm strange, as I have HA on an old Nexus 7 2013 with Android 6 and i don’t get those errors… It happens only on my IPad…

I ran all the updates on this old tablet and now everything is displaying nicely :+1:.

Can you update to android 7.0 or is that not possible?

Otherwise google “Android WebView” for your tablet and see if you can find a compatible APK to install.

If you are able you will get the cards to show.

Hmm i think it’s not possible… maybe rooting the device, but actually all the cards work good in my tablet… I repeat only with IOS devices i get all those problems!

I also have 4th gen iPad (supported latest ios by this model is 10.3.4) and custom cards doesn’t work only on it. MACs, PCs, iPhone X, Android devices run perfect. Checking was done by app itself, safari browser and chrome browser. Anyone has idea for fix or workaround?
Thanks in advance

Let me make a correction. I did not update past 7.0 (my android ver is still 7.0).

But i installed all the updates on the tablet… not just one, i updated the tablet, then checked for the next update, then repeated this I believe 4 or 5 times. Beofre the update i also installed the APK for Android Webscript also.

Hopefully this works for you as well.

You mean Android Webscript APK for IPad? My only problem is with IPad as all my other devices (all android) have no problems with custom scripts…

Sorry forgot you asked about iOS.

Cant help you there unfortunatly. You will need to research what is the equivelant to Android Webscript in the Ipad. Good luck.

If you solve it, comment here for posterity.

@maurizio53 were you able to gt this custom card working on iOS 10.3.4? I have experiencing a similar problem.

No, still having BIG problems with all the custom cards…