[Custom Component] Alarmo - browser managed alarm system

Has someone found a way to send an image from a cam motion alert event?
…i ask more if i wish assign also the cams to other sensors like doors open, or ld2410 movement detection?
I’m not sure Alarmo is suitable for the purpose… any advice/hint to puts me in the right way?
(for sure is possible with automations, but then Alarmo has no sense anymore…)

So far super awesome thank you so much for building and maintaining this!!!

I just installed today, v1.9.10, on HA 2023.8.4, Supervisor 2023.08.1, OS 10.5.

I have a sensor that is not showing up in the Alarmo sensors card. I have other sensors of the same type and manufacturer that are being recognized.

Device info= sengled E1D-G73 Zigbee open/close sensor. Entity ID= binary_sensor.bedroom_door_opening


I have a question. I try to use two modes (I only have two + disarmed) for my alarm system, active away and active night. In my opinion, everything is configured and should work. I have three areas, all in active away and two in active night.
Currently it’s not possible to activate active night. It’s not present in UI and not possible to activate with script.
But when I put all areas in the active night then it works and I am able to select active night in UI.
Has everybody an idea?

I am using HA 2023.04 and the newest Alarmo.

Night is missing.

Thanks and Greets

Possibly the device_class: "door" is missing?

Hi all,
I intend to use Alarmo as a mains switch for all my automations. If alarm panel is set to disarmed, I would like all my automations to be disabled. I am trying the following:

But somehow it doesn’t work. Pushing the TRY IT button brings up this:

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Hi, maybe it might help to show the full YAML code of the task instead of a screenshot.
(How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question)

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Really would like to, but I don’t know where the yaml from the Alarmo custom component is located… searched the Alarmo folder under custom components but found nothing.
It is that code snippet

service: automation.turn_off
  entity_id: "{{ states.automation | map(attribute='entity_id') | list }}"

which works fine when executed in the developer tools → call service section.

But it doesn’t work when put into Alarmo’s configuration panel in the Actions section.

You have the YAML code in your previous message but instead of copying the code you took a screenshot of a part from it.

Are you sure, entity_id is able to handle templates? I’d say no, but someone should check the code to be sure.

Yes, I wasn’t aware. Thanks.

Patrick, it seems it should be possible: found an example by tom_l as a solution

Not sure with my limited knowledge. But that 3-line snippet works perfectly in developer tools → call service section.

Sorry, wasn’t explaining my thoughts enough. :blush:

That the service is running in dev tools is expected - it’s a HA service and isn’t specific to Alarmo. But where I’m not sure, can Alarmo handle a template in this field? If Alarmo can’t handle a template here, it will never reach HA and therefor can’t be evaluated. :wink:

Let me explain that a little further (laymans terms :slight_smile: ):
The template code you enter in Alarmo will first be executed in Alarmo, then it is decided if the code is something, that needs to be send to HA. If Alarmo isn’t able to handle a template here, it has nothing to send to HA, even if HA would be able to resolve the template code.

Was that example Alarmo specific? :slight_smile: Sorry, wasn’t very clear in my post above! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just checked the code on Github. For what I can say, Alarmo takes the entity_id as a string, so no list possible. And I can’t see anywhere, that template code would be resolved. So I’m quite sure, it’s the template and the list. :frowning: It would also fit into what I know about Alarmo, it wouldn’t make sense for Alarmo to handle such cases. But I’m not an expert for the Alarmo code, so I could have overlooked something…

So my suggestion is, use a script as action and handle all the other stuff there. Might make more sense, before you try something in Alarmo, that isn’t made for this. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your detailed explanation. Yes, as a workaround gonna create scripts to enable/disable all automations, and will call these scripts in Alarmo. Just wanted to keep it simple, and the more scripts or automations are involved, the more complicated is my troubleshooting in case something does not work.
Anyhow, thanks again for providing a possible solution!


Thank you Patrick for explaining! :bowing_man:

No… :blush:

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OK, I have to ask, sorry! :slight_smile:

Why would you want to disable all automations when you’re at home? I mean, automations are kind of THE feature one wants in home automation. :laughing:

Btw I wouldn’t see that as a drawback with the scripts. In the long run, I could see this as an advantage. I don’t know how you handle things like these now, but I’d highly recommend taking a closer look into packages. :smiley: You can collect all scripts needed for Alarmo in one file and have a good overview over everything. But that depends on how you handle things in your installation. :wink: If you have questions eg about packages, let me know :wink: :smiley:

:grin: Great, will definitely have a closer look into this packages-thing. Already split up my config files to have a good overview and structure.

Fully agree that automations are the future and absolutely required in any smart home. For me a home is not smart when you can control some lights or your garage door from your iPhone, it is smart when it proactively controls itself, when it can anticipate when you are sleeping and then lock the doors, close the blinds, and goes to some kind of night mode, where automations are running in a different way than during daytime etc.

Coming from Apple Home (in conjunction with HomeBridge) with dozens of automations and scenes, the limits of automations and complexity had been reached there. So I migrated over to HA (re-building all my automations and scenes, with both systems running parallel) , and I am overwhelmed by HAs options and community. Anyhow, all my family and myself are still heavy users of Siri (HomePod) and the Apple Home App. We don’t want to use any other app or voice assistant (family acceptance factor).

I still have some automations in Apple Home and HomeBridge, as I can not bring the devices to HA yet. For example, I have a Philips air purifier which is in Apple Home via HomeBridge. The HomeBridge implementation is perfect, it appears as an air purifier with all controls in my iPhone’s Home App and can be controlled from there. Unfortunately the home assistant implementation for homekit (homekit bridge) is a bit behind, it does not support grouping of devices, no scenes, and does not support air purifier and some other devices at all. So I keep my HomeBridge alive in parallel.

Sometimes, e.g. for troubleshooting, I want to quickly differentiate or isolate a non-working automation. It is very comfortable when I switch off completely all HA automations to analyze, if any Apple Home automation or HomeBridge is interfering. Or it is for playing around with some Apple Home automations which could interfere with HA.
Hence I am using the Alarmo disarmed state for switching off all automations. In normal usage and for everyday life, the disarmed mode is never used. I am either in home, away or night mode.

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I can not remove the requirement to input a code. Have removed requirement from settings screen within Alarmo but error occurs when I just click arm/disarm. Anybody else had this issue and if so how did you fix? Thanks

I am having no success in setting up Alarmo. The problem appears to be caused by the Ring integration producing an alarm device as part of its setup. Seems that the Ring alarm overrides the Alarmo settings as I can arm/disarm via Ring. I have removed the Ring device manually and can then get Alarmo to arm/disarm as I want but when I reboot the system the Ring alarm device is again installed and stops me being able to use Alarmo arm/disarm function. Any help in assisting me solve this problem would be appreciated.
PS I have followed a number of recent tutorials on installing Alarmo on Youtube to confirm my installation is ok.

@basti242 thank you! I figured out that the battery was not reporting the correct % and needed to be changed