[Custom Component] Alarmo - browser managed alarm system

Nice little app, haven’t seen it before :slightly_smiling_face:
Supporting it will be no problem (it’s basically made for the standard HA mqtt alarm panel).
But it has some weird quirks… From the manual I understand that configuration is hard-coded to modes away/home and the entry/leave delays have to match his exact values (or I’m reading it wrong).

Anyway: for coming week I’m planning to migrate the integration to websocket API. It will open some doors to allow more flexible configuration. Not all settings have to be squeezed in the entity attributes.
After that, I will tackle the (growing) to-do list.

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Just installed v1.0.1 and it’s working great so far! Thanks for this!

@neliss Love it looks awesome. This is probably already on your todo list. But would be great if alarmo would let me know which doors and windows are open when enabling to prevent it going off because one of the kids (I dare not say wife) left a door or window open.

I think this is already the case.
If you register the Push notifications, you should get a message when the alarm could not be enabled (and for which reasons (reason is always a sensor)).
But the push capabilities are quite limited still…
The goal should be to allow any notify service for this.

I see what you mean. When I choose push target “notify” it does nothing, but when I choose telegram as target it did send me a message that the door was still open. Don’t know why the notify did not work for this, notify does work when used in automation

Choosing option ‘notify’ for push notifications, would call service ‘notify.notify’.
What it does is one of the biggest mysteries in HA.
See here for more info: Who will notify.notify notify? - #8 by pedracca

I doubt if this option does do anything for you in automation…

I’m considering to hide it from the list, as it is very confusing.

When using notify as action in any automation I do get the message on my device with the home assistant app installed. As far as I could see that’s the only place where the notify sends it’s message.

Another question/idea, I was playing around with it and I just got a false positive and had to go through all selected sensors to figure out which one triggered the alarm. For some reason my door went to unavailable which triggered the alarm. Wouldn’t it be handy to also note which sensor triggered the alarm in de telegram message.

I’m not sure yet how to deal with these cases.

  • When a sensor is unavailable when arming, the alarm refuses to be enabled.
    It will (should) send you a push message saying that it has an indeterminate state.
  • At HA startup, sensors could be unavailable for a while. I implemented a 10 sec (or was it 20 sec) grace time, during which Alarmo will wait for all sensors to be available.
  • Then there is your case, a sensor becomes unavailable while the alarm is armed. I’m not sure if I agree with you this is a false positive. The sensor cannot guard the parameter hence the security is compromised. Can imagine it is undesirable to have the siren triggered. But ignoring it would be a bad solution as well.

I would appreciate your opinion on the cases!

Yes definitely!
You can expect this to be added in a next release.

I do agree with this, I am glad that it’s triggered as it could be that someone tampered with the sensor. Waiting patiently for the next release, unfortunately I’m no programmer to help.

Your work is greatly appreciated. Thanx

Hi, interesting component, indeed!
Installed and made it work really fast. Here some comments:

  1. Trigger time minimum is 1 minute, when you have pets in the house, even 30 seconds is a pain to them. I normally keep the siren going for not more than 10 seconds.
  2. I have triggered the alarm, the siren started, but even if I have disarmed, it kept going until I have turned off manually using the device switch.
  3. It failed to set armed_away because the motion has detected me, and the Ikea one remains on for about a minute and then blind for 3. Would be nice to set a grace period for some sensors when arming, so that they have the time to go off.

This is it for now, I will do more tests, let me know how can I help.

Looks good when will this be in hacs?

Oh wow, I never heard of such a thing.
But I will accommodate something for this flexibility (no one likes hard-coded restrictions right?).

That is concerning!
I will try to find some time this weekend to figure this out.
Ofcourse I tested the enabling/disabling of the siren, but maybe (hopefully) I overlooked something.
I will let you know.

Well the leave time is exactly for that.
Unless you configured your motion sensor as immediate, it is allowed to be ON while the alarm is in arming.
So in your case, the leave time must be a minute.

I had some nice ideas regarding this, like classify sensor types and add some intelligence to it.
A motion sensor is allowed to be ON while, and (shortly) after arming. The OFF->ON transition is what matters.
A door sensor ON->OFF could become a trigger for skipping the (rest of the) leave time and arming immediately. After you close your front door, your alarm is set, you get a push message and you’re done. It seems more intuitive than waiting longer than needed.

Anyway, I appreciate this kind of feedback. It helps improving the functionality :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to have it trigger something besides a siren? for example lights that you’re able to configure to flash etc? I have a bunch of hue lights that I’d like to have flashing until I disarm the alarm

If I already have the manual alarm component set up, I assume I should remove it to use this?

Its high on my list, but I first want to improve some things.

The idea is to provide more flexibility here, yes.
Functionality should be similar to triggering an action in an automation.
Perhaps even allowing sequences / loops.
Can you send a command to Hue to make them flash? It would be much better than sending ON/OFFs rapidly for mimicking a flash.

Anyway, for the time being: you can create an automation to handle the behaviour as you want it, which is triggered when the alarm switch turns on.
Its not ideal, but it will take some time before i can release more functionality…

Not necessarily.
Installing this will create an entity alarm_control_panel.alarmo.
As long as there are no conflicts with this entity, you can create multiple alarms.
But i recommend to eventually settle for one :slight_smile:

Enabling and disabling specific sensors would be great to have. Often you may want to arm the system while keeping a window open.

When I replace my manual alarm with alarmo in the Lovelace alarm card, the code entry keypad shows up automatically, even though I have not enabled codes in alarmo.

Think we should find another way for this.
The panel is intended for configuration, not for everyday usage.
An idea I had:

  • if you enable the alarm (while a window is open), this fails and you get a message that there was a blocking sensor
  • If you then enable the alarm again (say, within a minute), the alarm assumes you want to ‘force’ it, and the blocking sensor is bypassed until the next time you set the alarm

Alternatively, we could introduce extra alarm codes for ‘overriding’ checks, but I think this is less intuitive.

I will look into that.
Pretty sure that you can ignore the keypad and just press the buttons, but it is not ideal.

Your solution is interesting, but not sure will work if you are in a hurry to leave. We should consider these cases:

  1. Use of the alarm card. You just get a message with the “Continue” and “Cancel” buttons. You can decide immediately if to override or not.

  2. You arm the alarm using a button (my case). In this situation you can only rely on the smartphone for the message, but I think is not immediate to use. In my case I use a small color bulb that blinks when arming/pending, turns a different color when armed night or away. Works fine, maybe I could add a different color here to show there is a sensor on and so can’t arm. In this case you can check for the sensor or just re-arm to override without even looking at the phone.
    Woul be nice to have a device (color bulb) output where to show all the “statuses”.

  3. Armed automatically when you leave the house. In this case you can rely on the smartphone for messages.

Will keep looking for the best solution.

It looks like code_format needs to be null unless you’re using a code.

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