Custom Component: Dreame Vacuum

Never mind. I found the answer here.

Now, another question… I have a Dreamebot D10 Plus and for things like Sensors, Filter, Main Brush, and Side Brush, my vacuum supplies attributes for both hours and percentage. The Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card seems to be picking up the percentage attribute, but using hours as the unit. What’s the simplest way to correct this?

You need to select Tasshack/dreame-vacuum as card Vacuum platform setting.

I was just copying the example from the github page, but that’s good to know. Updating the vacuum platform has certainly resulted in a change, though all the attributes I was asking about are now gone and replaced with different ones.

I’ll keep playing with it.

Need help…
How to make switches for rooms cleaning so that each switch waits for the previous one to finish cleaning?
Something like this.

Hi @tasshack, is now the D10S Plus supported by the integration?!
I’m not understanding if the new release with the Dreamehome account features is already out or not :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance!

Has anyone upgraded to the new firmware 4.3.6_3015 / I cannot add it to the local integration anymore, maybe the local LAN connection is broke with this firmware.

Did you tried to hard reset the device?

Only with pressing Home + Power Button at the same time. I can try hard resetting it via the small push button near to the QR codes.

I must be blind, but is this released?

hello all
i have this after i update my HA

do you have any help for me or an answer concerning this message?
Thank you for your answers


Hello ! Just bought Dreame :slight_smile: I have two other roborock vacuums, and as this one does not need configuration.yaml lines, how can i reduce map size ? Im using xiaomi_cloud_map_extractor and xiaomi_cloud_map_card. Map is two times bigger as my two other maps (sizes can be reduced in configuration.yaml).

How is testing going on the dreame account integration? I’ll be honest I am eagerly and patiently waiting for this :wink:

No, not yet.

You don’t need to worry about this, it will be fixed when I release a new version soon.

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You cannot define a map scale on this integration like on the xiaomi cloud map extractor. Because of the icons drawn, map is scaled at 4x otherwise you won’t see any icons because they are too small.
Why do you need to scale down the map image anyway when xiaomi map card handles the displaying?

I have added all missing new features (except camera streaming) introduced on the 2022 and 2023 models to the integration that’s why it is taking too long.
You need to wait a little bit more but you will understand when you see the change log.

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I want to scale it down because of this :

Since configuration.yaml lines are not needed, i dont know how to scale it smaller ? Is there a way to define it smaller in xiaomi map card ?

Ok, I have got the problem and you cannot fix this from the map card. Map card uses height of the map image as base dimension and it cannot be changed by a css rule or setting beacuse of the selection logic.
As I said, map scale is hardcoded in the integration and a lot of rendering logic is relying on a high resolution base map like on the app itself, so rendering scale cannot be edited by the used. Rendering the map on high resolution also have some downsides like much more ram and cpu usage but I couldn’t make it small and look good at the same time so I choose 4x scale.
If you really want to look all your maps similar size you can rotate the Dreame map, but there is no easy solution to fix your problem, other than that. Or alternatively you can scale up the Roborock maps from map extractor to match their size to the Dreame one.