Custom Component: Dreame Vacuum

Long lost dedicated Dreame vacuum integration is finally here

Mi Home app replacement for Dreame robot vacuums.


Automatically generated device entities

All available settings and states provided with the official App.

Map support

Map data handling, decoding and rendering for live and multiple saved map support with all features provided with the official App.

  • High refresh rate and low latency with P frame map data parsing

  • Room and customized cleaning icons

  • Dynamic object rendering for job types

  • Multi-floor map support

  • Map and room editing services

  • Valetudo map card support

Customized room cleaning entities

Automatically generated room entities for customized cleaning feature introduced with firmware 1156.

Persistent notifications with error reporting

Persistent notifications with extracted resources on specific events as implemented on official App.

Check for more features and installation


Nice. What about L10s Ultra?

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All L10 models should be compatible but i cannot find the specific device name from the miot-spec list.
Can you share your device model number so that i can add it to the supported devices list for you to test it?

That looks really awesome!! Is the robot with this component in any instance only locally controllable or is it still sending information to the cloud? And as a last question can this be used beside a rooted vacuum?

DreameBot L10s Ultra ---- p2228

Not sure why, but looks like p2228 is for S10 and L10s Ultra.

When you say this is an alternative for Valetudo. Does that mean your component does not use the cloud? Because Valetudo’s purpose is to run your vac local only and disconnect it from 3rd party cloud services.

If yours is still using the cloud… then no, it’s not an alternative to Valetudo.

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I get stuck on configuring the integration - it says “Error Config flow could not be loaded: {“message”:“Invalid handler specified”}”

This a Valetudo alternative for integrating your device to Home Assistant not the alternative for declouding the device like the Valetudo actually do, I am sorry for the missunderstanding.
That being said, you can still use this integration without cloud if you are willing to not having the map support. Even map and room editing actions are sent to device by locally and cloud connection is only used for reading the map data (because there are no other possible way to get the map data from device without rooting it).
Without map support you cannot use the customized cleaning room entities but you can still add your own entities to Home Assistant and bind them using attributes and services provided by the local Api.


I think they use S10 name only for Chinese market and they changed it to L10s for the Europe.
I will update the documentations accordingly.

This issue is related to Home Assistant with cv2 on python 3.10.

You can find more about:

I think i will get rid of the cv2 completely for fixing this issue, but if i do that either image quality will be lower or the render times will be higher and i cannot decide which one to choose.

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works now thanks! I made a mistake and for some reason thought D9 was compatible. Thanks for all your help! Hopefully one day I have the L10 and get to use this integration!

D9 is pretty old compared to other supported devices but i don’t actually know will it work with this integration or not. Theoretically it should work, if the D9 is using same Mi Home plugin with the Z10 or L10.
It should definitely work without the map feature but i didn’t want to include it on supported devices list without a working map since there are alternative integrations available without map for D9.
If you are willing to test it you can create an issue then i can provide a branch that you can add D9 from config flow.


thank you for the great work.
How can I log in with my Dreame account?

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Currently Dreame account login is not supported.
You have to connect your device via Mi Home app and use that Mi Home account with this integration.

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Hey, I have an L10s ultra but get in integration config following error, is there something which I have overseen?

Z10Pro User here - By connnecting (with or without cloud) it fails on connecting to the vacuum. The local IP + Token is correct, i prove that. The vacuum is pingable etc - just an hour ago i connected the vacuum correctly with the xiaomi miot auto integration. No issues there. Did i miss anything?
The error is simply “Failed to connect” on the assistant… :frowning:

I also have the L10s Ultra and get the same error as sebastian.hendrich.
“No supported devices found…”
Even the manual setup with tokens did not work.

I have since switched to the Xiaomi app. Region is Germany.
In the “Xiaomi Miot Auto” integration, the vacuum cleaner is recognized, only that hardly any functions are available here.

I found the exact model number for L10s Utra dreame.vacuum.r2228o and added to the supported devices list. You can now configure your device via config flow after you install the new version of integration.

@supp0815 turns out, L10s is not using the same model number with the S10.

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