Custom Component: Dreame Vacuum

Same question…

Love the feature of this integration! Has the live camera stream been added to the beta yet?

You can use Dreamehome account using the Beta version of the integration.

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I don’t think it will be added soon because it uses non standard and encrypted streaming
codec with its own native player. Also this is the main reason Dreame couldn’t add the streaming feature to the Mi Home app too.

Hello @tasshack
Are there any plans about L30 pro version?

There aren’t any model named L30 Pro but L30 Ultra is supported on Beta.

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Does anyone have the Dreame L10S Ultra working with Local API. I have reseted twice and I’ve added to the Xiaomi App. When I remove internet access, using the router, to the Dreame it automatically stops working in HA throught the Dreame integration. When I reactivate internet connection starts working again. I’ve read that doing factory reset restore the Local API but I’ve done it twice with no success. For privacy reasons I do not want a vacuum with a camera having access to the internet and it’s a pitty as I already have 2 other Xiaomi Vacuums that have been working locally for 6 years already.

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Can open it over “add integration to”. Do I do something wrong or is this not supported anymore?

Hi! Thanks for the addon!

I used the addon quite easily in the past, then suddenly stopped working.
I have an L10 Pro. Nowadays, when I try to add the integrations, after filling in credentials and selecting the various options, HA looses connection. It happens only when configuring Dreame, any hint?

Vacuum and server needs to be at the same network subnet as well. This is a requirement for most of the devices that are using the Miot Api.

Any hint would require the log output.

Probably you are doing something wrong.

When will V2.0 be released as stable Version?
I want to use it for my L10spro Ultra Heat and Use Dreame Account, so I need the Beta functions.
Is it save to use Beta (I’m new to HA)

Love the integration so far and works well but I haven’t figured out how to achieve the below:
Would love to select the rooms I want to clean and then decide to either mop or sweep.
(L10Ultra user)

Anyone have some pointers to change the below mock-up to reality .?
(not he web frontend but what are the service calls.?)

I already added them on the same subnet but could not access it. And I read somewhere that if you first added the Dreame through Dream app the local api got disabled forever. Even restoring did not bring it back to live to me.

Any insights on this?

Thanks in advance

That is correct but It’s not going to be disabled forever, you just need to hard reset the device properly to enable it the local api again.

Alternatively, you can install the Beta version of the integration and use your Dreamehome account with the Dreamehome app if you wouldn’t mind the cloud connection.

Dreame had recently made some affords to prevent their devices to be used offline and I guess you are experiencing the result of that.

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I have the “rule” that all HA devices should work locally and specially a Robot that has a camara connected to an external cloud. I’ve been doing so with 2 Xiaomi Vacuum since 6 years ago with no disruption at all. But with the Dream L10s I was not able to use it through local API, even though I factory reset three times.

If someone has any idea would be great. I’m thinking on buying the Xiaomi X10+.

The access token you are using may not be correct but other than that I don’t have any idea. I don’t really think Dreame just removed the local api functionality because Mi Home app actually tries to use it when there is no internet access.

It is also a Dreame device and very similar to the L10s (probably using the same firmware too) so I don’t recommend it if you plan to use it offline because map cannot be accessed over local api on Dreame devices.


I discovered that the sensor dirty left disappeard from the entities available.

I’m using a Dreame D10 plus with FW : 4.3.3_1303

It is no more available on the Xiaomi nor the Dreame App


does somebody know why ?

Thanks !

Sensor dirty left has been removed from the devices that does not have it on their App.

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