Custom Component : GKeep (with sensor synced and config_flow)

I was not able to find the gkeep custom component on GitHub :confused:
So I do a new one.
Pretty simple for now. One list with items check/uncheck (shopping list ? :angel: )
1 sensor/ 1 list
2 services : add new item, and check/uncheck item

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Yeah, that custom already exist, I believe its also on hacs… Can you expand it to use it with google assistant to add items with voice :wink:


How can I use voice (google assistant) with keep?

google announced this last year, that google keep will come back to google assistant, but its not there yet …

for Hassio, you can use below custom, i use it already 2 years, but you need to make an IFTTT
IFTTT is needed to say your “ingredient”, so that item will be added to the shoplist…

ah ok. Now I understand.

Well personally I don’t like IFTTT (my goal is to be as cloudless as I can). But I admit it has an high WAF

yeah, but IFTTT is unique in adding an ingredient to “google assistant”
i dont know how to retrieve a voice command ( or a word ) from google assistant to home assistant
if thats possible, yes , then we can drop IFTTT , and just use the google keep service to add an item

i only use IFTTT just for that single applet to add items to the shoplist

Is there a Lovelace card to use with this as well?

yes, there are others :

Ok lol I didn’t know the hass custom Component

Well. Thread and project close.

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

For voice add. You can do it with any voice input and call service to add a note.
On the hass component, it explains with ifttt but you can do it with any other voice platform.

Before you go closing it!! I could be wrong but I don’t think the existing custom component lets you add/remove list items, only check the box. Currently on mobile so not easy for me to look into to confirm. If this is the case, then your component will be better than the other one

Also with Google assistant?

It was my goal to have just a sensor without service : update the sensor <-> list
I will try again.

Not sure. I didn’t try.
You can expose HA to Google assistant. And run HA device with custom voice command.

yeah, i have exposed HA to google for lots of my stuff , like scripts/switches/lights/covers…
but those are commands…

for google keep, its different, you need to capture a variable like

hey google, add “choco” to the google keep list
so you need to capture the word “choco” , to add it to this service
i have no idea how to capture that word

With a smartphone, we already know how to (ifttt, Tasker…)
For Google device like home, mini etc… :
Maybe you should look into smart home projects (kind of custom Component for Google Assistant, like the HA Google Assistant component is a smart home app)

If it’s possible to send a SMS, hell sure we can send a text :slight_smile:
I will check Google smart app documentation to see if it’s possible


Update !
Sensor is a live sensor or sync sensor ? (Not sure about words)
Changing checked value will change in your GKeep list :slight_smile:

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I can add a service to remove item.
Or the sensor can handle it (add/remove).
I will start with the first one. It’s easy.
And I will implement it in sensor, after.

Can I have some feedback about displaying plz ?
Because in developer tools, it’s ok.
But in Lovelace, I see only : ‘[Object]’