Google Keep Custom Component and Lovelace card


Recently I have published another integration: Google Keep.
Right now it supports only preview of data with no possibility to edit notes, but I hope to add it in future versions.
To present data obtained by sensor I have created a dedicated Lovelace card, as seen on a photo.
Both components are vailable in HACS.


Compared to integration created by @krisjanis2000 (Custom Google Keep Notes sensor and Lovelace card) it displays a list of notes using defined filters.


How do I access the notes?

I’m not sure what you mean, to display notes you have to use dedicated lovelace card.

I know but I have 64 notes, will it display all of them? Does this work only with check notes or does it work with plain text notes?

By default it will display all notes, but you can limit it to ones you want by providing labels, titles or pinned in configuration of integration

Is it possible to have multiple instances of this sensor?

It shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you give me a idea of how the should look for multiple instances?

Exactly like a single instance, but multiple times:

  - platform: google_keep
    username: !secret google_keep.username
    password: !secret google_keep.password
      - 'Home Assistant'
    pinned: true
  - platform: google_keep
    username: !secret google_keep.username
    password: !secret google_keep.password
      - 'Shopping'

Do you have any plans on adding functionality to be able to interact with the list within home assistant instead of it just displaying the list(s)?

I would like to (I even have an idea how), but right now I focus mostly on vacuum integration. Additionally it doesn’t seem like a lot of people are using this integration

If you ever get time to do it, it would be great! Never know may get more users with more functionality!

Is there any chance that the lovelace card will be showing pictures from the notes?

It’s hard to say, I haven’t tried to do that

Hello. Could you please help me what can be the problem? My HA (hassio) doesn’t load any notes from google keep, however I have a few of them added.

My conf:

  • platform: google_keep
    name: google_keep
    username: !secret google_keep.username
    password: !secret google_keep.password
    pinned: true

I use [email protected] and an application password created hor HA.

My lovelace:

  • type: custom:google-keep-card
    entity: sensor.google_keep
    theme: dark
    alpha: 0.7
    - checked
    - unchecked

Appreciate your help. I am running hassio on Synology NAS.

Hi, could you provide more details? Do you have Google Keep sensor entities? Do you have any errors in log?

Unfortunately I can’t find any Google Keep sensor entity. I don’t get any error in the log, however I got the following errors in console:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘attributes’ of undefined
at HTMLElement.render (google-keep-card.js:99)
at HTMLElement.update (lit-element.ts:217)
at HTMLElement.performUpdate (updating-element.ts:704)
at HTMLElement._enqueueUpdate (updating-element.ts:653)

Well, you need an entity to display a card, so error in browsers console is reasonable. It’s possible that errors in log appeared only right after a start of hassio

Any idea why the necessary sensor entity does not appear if I added the necessary config to my configuration.yaml?

I just found the solution. I have copied over the configuration piece into a seperate sensor.yaml, and through that it was not working as expected. I just copied back to the configuration.yaml and sensor just appeared. Thanks, I’m good now.