Custom Component request -- PetKit Feeder (available on Homebridge)

Hi all – I bought a really cool smart (wifi) pet feeder Link

It looks as if there is an API and people have been able to integrate it into Homebridge via JSON (npm). Link

Additional information on Reddit Link

I am reasonably savvy with HomeAssistant, but not able to do the levels of programming to create a custom component.

Anyone with one of these care to give it a shot or have any tips on how I could pull information in (like a sensor for if its empty) via a template/sensor?


Looks like you could probably use a rest integration or commandline sensors/commands.

I changed this to a feature request. Share your projects is not the appropriate category as you are not sharing anything you made.

If anyone was able to do this that would be awesome!

Homebridge already haves this component

Anyone can port this to Has??