[Custom Component] Tapo: Cameras Control

I have the same issue… using the onvif solution, but no motion sensor is detected

Thanks. I’ve removed the Tapo integration and use ONVIF for my card. The suggested solutions on GitHub (deleting the Tapo app, blocking the cameras from the Internet, searching for an earlier firmware to flash) don’t sound appealing. Hopefully, the developers will be able to fix this.

Are you able to use PTZ and presets through ONVIF? I tried these in the card, but they don’t work.

  - name: right
    icon: mdi:arrow-right
    service: button.press
      entity_id: button.living_room_camera_ptz_right

  - name: Preset 1
    icon: mdi:numeric-1-box
    service: select.select_option
      option: '1'
      entity_id: select.living_room_camera_ptz_preset

You have to use the option’s name value rather than it’s key value.

Thank you. But what would be that name?

The actual name of the option. For example I have 3 presets,: [1] is ‘Entry’ to see people standing at my doorway and interact with them, [2] is ‘Packages’ to keep an eye out for porch pirates, and the third [3] is ‘Snow’ as my employer likes to see how much snow is on the ground before we send our crews out during the winter (we are a landscaping company that does snow clearing in the winter). So the ‘option’ value where you have option: '1' would be option: 'Entry' in my case.