[Custom Component] TP-Link Router Integration

I have a AX55 routeur
The Wifi6 buttons are greyed and so cant be used
Any reason / solution ?

@pbranly Hi
It looks like the integration doesnt get info about wifi 6. Could you run this python code and post the result?

from tplinkrouterc6u import TplinkRouter
from logging import Logger

client = TplinkRouter('', 'yourPassword', logger=Logger('test'))
print(client.request('admin/status?form=all&operation=read', 'operation=read'))

Thanks for your help
I am not sure to use the good command
I have created a file ax55.py
I tried the command python ax55.py but my Linux said to use python3 ax55.py
The result is as follow
python3 ax55.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/xxxxxxx/ax55.py”, line 1, in
from tplinkrouterc6u import TplinkRouter
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘tplinkrouterc6u’

You need to install this client GitHub - AlexandrErohin/TP-Link-Archer-C6U: Python package for API access and management for TP-Link Routers. See supported routers list

pip install tplinkrouterc6u

mmm life is not so easy with pip !

pip install tplinkrouterc6u
error: externally-managed-environment

× This environment is externally managed
╰─> To install Python packages system-wide, try apt install
python3-xyz, where xyz is the package you are trying to

If you wish to install a non-Debian-packaged Python package,
create a virtual environment using python3 -m venv path/to/venv.
Then use path/to/venv/bin/python and path/to/venv/bin/pip. Make
sure you have python3-full installed.

If you wish to install a non-Debian packaged Python application,
it may be easiest to use pipx install xyz, which will manage a
virtual environment for you. Make sure you have pipx installed.

See /usr/share/doc/python3.12/README.venv for more information.

note: If you believe this is a mistake, please contact your Python installation or OS distribution provider. You can override this, at the risk of breaking your Python installation or OS, by passing --break-system-packages.
hint: See PEP 668 for the detailed specification.

I have tried the 2 proposed methods without success

I could install with the suffix --break-system-packages

mmmm this code generates a lot of informations but many are sensitive
Which one do you wish ?

@pbranly I need all data, but sensitive values you can mark as XXX (like macadress, ip, passwords)

I don’t care with local ips
Here is the file

{‘guest_2g5g_psk_key’: ‘’, ‘guest_5g_authentication_timeout’: ‘’, ‘wan_ipv4_netmask’: ‘’, ‘wireless_2g_wds_status’: ‘disable’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_format2’: ‘hex’, ‘wireless_2g_mu_mimo’: ‘off’, ‘guest_5g_redirect’: ‘off’, ‘wan_ipv6_conntype’: ‘passthrough’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_key2’: ‘’, ‘iot_2g_psk_version’: ‘rsn’, ‘iot_2g_encryption’: ‘psk’, ‘storage_vendor’: ‘’, ‘iot_5g_hidden’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_type2’: ‘64’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_select’: ‘1’, ‘wireless_2g_psk_key’: ‘xxxxxxxx,’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_type1’: ‘64’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_type4’: ‘64’, ‘wan_ipv4_snddns’: ‘’, ‘wireless_5g_extinfo’: {‘support_band’: ‘both’, ‘wds_guest_compatible’: ‘no’, ‘support_guest_dynpasswd’: ‘no’}, ‘guest_2g_hidden’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_2g_channel’: ‘auto’, ‘wireless_2g_wpa_version’: ‘auto’, ‘wireless_5g_psk_key’: ‘xxxxxxxxx,’, ‘guest_5g_redirect_url’: ‘’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_format2’: ‘hex’, ‘iot_2g_ssid’: ‘Ax55_phil_IoT_2.5G’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_key1’: ‘’, ‘lan_macaddr’: ‘ACxxxxxxx-58’, ‘wireless_2g_encryption’: ‘psk’, ‘wireless_2g_psk_cipher’: ‘aes’, ‘wireless_5g_port’: ‘1812’, ‘iot_5g_encryption’: ‘psk’, ‘wireless_5g_wpa_cipher’: ‘auto’, ‘guest_5g_disabled’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_type1’: ‘64’, ‘wireless_5g_disabled_by’: ‘’, ‘lan_ipv6_link_local_addr’: ‘FE80::AE15:xxxxxxxxxF58/64’, ‘guest_5g_portal_password’: ‘’, ‘wan_ipv6_snddns’: ‘::’, ‘wan_ipv6_pridns’: ‘::’, ‘wireless_2g_hidden’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_5g_wpa_key’: ‘’, ‘guest_isolate’: ‘off’, ‘wan_macaddr’: ‘AC-15-xxxxx59’, ‘wireless_5g_hidden’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_key4’: ‘’, ‘wireless_2g_disabled_all’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_5g_htmode’: ‘auto’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_key2’: ‘’, ‘guest_2g_psk_key’: ‘’, ‘guest_5g_psk_version’: ‘rsn’, ‘wireless_5g_server’: ‘’, ‘modem_type’: ‘Modem’, ‘modem_connstatus’: ‘0’, ‘wireless_5g_channel’: ‘auto’, ‘wan_ipv6_enable’: ‘off’, ‘guest_2g5g_psk_version’: ‘rsn’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_mode’: ‘auto’, ‘wireless_5g_wpa_version’: ‘auto’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_type3’: ‘64’, ‘wireless_5g_wds_status’: ‘disable’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_format3’: ‘hex’, ‘guest_5g_authentication_type’: ‘’, ‘wireless_5g_disabled’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_mode’: ‘auto’, ‘storage_available_unit’: ‘B’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_format4’: ‘hex’, ‘guest_2g5g_redirect_url’: ‘’, ‘storage_available’: 0, ‘printer_count’: 0, ‘wireless_5g_wep_type2’: ‘64’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_format1’: ‘hex’, ‘storage_capacity’: 0, ‘access_devices_wired’: [{‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘48-A6-xxxxxxx0’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Sonos_port’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘B8-E9-xxxxx2’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Sonos_salle_TV_HG’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘00-0E-xxxxx-8B’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Sonos_playbar’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘AC-E2-xxxxxxx-9B’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Imprimante_laser’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘00-0E-58-xxxxxx’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Sonos_cuisine’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘B8-E9-xxxxxxxE’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Sonos_salle_TV_HD’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘10-0C-xxxxxxx-4B’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘GE’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘00-0E-58-F2-96-BA’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Sonos_salle_de_bain’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘94-C6-xxxxxxxxC1’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘B8-E9-xxxxxx8’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Sonos_sub’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘wired’, ‘macaddr’: ‘00-11-xxxxxxx95’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘PHIL_SYNO’}], ‘lan_ipv6_ipaddr’: ‘FE80::xxxxxxxx/64’, ‘guest_2g_authentication_type’: ‘’, ‘modem_available’: 0, ‘guest_2g5g_portal_password’: ‘’, ‘guest_2g_authentication_timeout’: ‘’, ‘modem_signal’: ‘0%’, ‘wireless_2g_disabled’: ‘off’, ‘modem_status’: ‘0’, ‘modem_gateway’: ‘’, ‘wireless_5g_encryption’: ‘psk’, ‘modem_ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘guest_5g_hidden’: ‘off’, ‘guest_access’: ‘off’, ‘modem_ipv4_uptime’: ‘0’, ‘modem_pridns’: ‘’, ‘guest_2g5g_authentication_type’: ‘’, ‘wireless_5g_disabled_all’: ‘off’, ‘guest_5g_extinfo’: {‘support_band’: ‘both’, ‘wds_guest_compatible’: ‘no’, ‘support_guest_dynpasswd’: ‘no’}, ‘wireless_5g_current_channel’: ‘36’, ‘modem_netmask’: ‘’, ‘wireless_2g_wpa_cipher’: ‘auto’, ‘conn_type’: ‘0’, ‘iot_2g_hidden’: ‘off’, ‘guest_5g_encryption’: ‘none’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_key3’: ‘’, ‘modem_snddns’: ‘’, ‘cpu_usage’: 0.13, ‘iot_2g_psk_key’: ‘xxxxxxx,’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_select’: ‘1’, ‘iot_2g_enable’: ‘on’, ‘iot_5g_psk_key’: ‘xxxxxxx,’, ‘access_devices_wireless_host’: [{‘wire_type’: ‘5G’, ‘macaddr’: ‘xxxxx0-A7’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘xxxx_iphone’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘5G’, ‘macaddr’: ‘18-B4-xxxxx-B9’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Thermostat_nest’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘5G’, ‘macaddr’: ‘F4-03-xxxxx0’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Amazon-Echo8’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘2.4G’, ‘macaddr’: ‘DC-54-xxxxxxA’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Fire_TV’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘2.4G’, ‘macaddr’: xxxxx-18’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘LGwebOSTV’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘5G’, ‘macaddr’: ‘82-AB-xxxxx-F8’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘S21-de-Colette’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘2.4G’, ‘macaddr’: ‘70-Exxxxx-1A’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Netatmo’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘5G’, ‘macaddr’: ‘1E-BC-xxxxx1-5D’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘network device’}, {‘wire_type’: ‘2.4G’, ‘macaddr’: ‘D6-xxxxxxx-0B’, ‘ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘hostname’: ‘Philippe-Branly’}], ‘cpu1_usage’: 0.14, ‘mem_usage’: 0.4, ‘cpu2_usage’: 0.13, ‘wireless_wps_active’: ‘on’, ‘guest_2g_encryption’: ‘none’, ‘guest_2g5g_psk_cipher’: ‘aes’, ‘guest_2g_portal_password’: ‘’, ‘usb_storages’: {}, ‘modem_pinlock’: ‘0’, ‘guest_2g_disabled_by’: ‘’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_key4’: ‘’, ‘wireless_2g_ssid’: ‘ax55_phil’, ‘guest_5g_ssid’: ‘TP-Link_Guest_FF58_5G’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_format4’: ‘hex’, ‘wireless_2g_macaddr’: ‘AC-15-xxxxxx7’, ‘guest_2g_ssid’: ‘TP-Link_Guest_FF58’, ‘wireless_5g_psk_cipher’: ‘aes’, ‘iot_5g_disabled_by’: ‘’, ‘guest_2g5g_passwd_cycle’: ‘never’, ‘lan_ipv4_netmask’: ‘’, ‘wireless_2g_airtime_fairness’: ‘off’, ‘guest_5g_enable’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_format1’: ‘hex’, ‘guest_2g_psk_version’: ‘rsn’, ‘wireless_2g_disabled_by’: ‘’, ‘guest_5g_disabled_by’: ‘’, ‘wan_ipv4_uptime’: 399709, ‘wan_ipv6_gateway’: ‘::’, ‘printer_name’: ‘None’, ‘wireless_2g_txpower’: ‘high’, ‘wireless_5g_airtime_fairness’: ‘off’, ‘guest_2g_psk_cipher’: ‘aes’, ‘wireless_2g_psk_version’: ‘rsn’, ‘iot_5g_disabled’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_5g_txpower’: ‘high’, ‘wireless_2g_current_channel’: ‘9’, ‘wireless_5g_mu_mimo’: ‘off’, ‘guest_2g_redirect’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_5g_hwmode’: ‘anacax_5’, ‘guest_2g_redirect_url’: ‘’, ‘wireless_2g_wps_state’: ‘configured’, ‘wireless_2g_extinfo’: {‘support_band’: ‘both’, ‘wds_guest_compatible’: ‘no’, ‘support_guest_dynpasswd’: ‘no’}, ‘wireless_5g_psk_version’: ‘rsn’, ‘guest_5g_psk_key’: ‘’, ‘wireless_2g_server’: ‘’, ‘iot_5g_psk_cipher’: ‘aes’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_format3’: ‘hex’, ‘wan_ipv4_ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘guest_2g_extinfo’: {‘support_band’: ‘both’, ‘wds_guest_compatible’: ‘no’, ‘support_guest_dynpasswd’: ‘no’}, ‘lan_ipv6_assign_type’: ‘slaac’, ‘wireless_2g_port’: ‘1812’, ‘iot_5g_enable’: ‘on’, ‘lan_ipv4_ipaddr’: ‘’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_key1’: ‘’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_type3’: ‘64’, ‘guest_5g_psk_cipher’: ‘aes’, ‘iot_2g_psk_cipher’: ‘aes’, ‘wireless_5g_enable’: ‘on’, ‘wireless_2g_htmode’: ‘auto’, ‘wireless_5g_ssid’: ‘ax55_phil’, ‘iot_2g_disabled_by’: ‘’, ‘guest_2g_disabled’: ‘off’, ‘guest_2g5g_authentication_timeout’: ‘’, ‘guest_2g5g_encryption’: ‘none’, ‘wireless_2g_enable’: ‘on’, ‘wireless_5g_macaddr’: ‘AC-15-xxxxxx56’, ‘lan_ipv4_dhcp_enable’: ‘On’, ‘wireless_2g_wpa_key’: ‘’, ‘iot_5g_ssid’: ‘Ax55_phil_IoT_5G’, ‘wireless_2g_hwmode’: ‘bgnax’, ‘iot_5g_psk_version’: ‘rsn’, ‘wireless_5g_wps_state’: ‘configured’, ‘wan_ipv4_pridns’: ‘’, ‘guest_2g_enable’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_5g_wep_key3’: ‘’, ‘guest_2g5g_redirect’: ‘off’, ‘wireless_2g_wep_type4’: ‘64’, ‘wan_ipv6_ip6addr’: ‘::’, ‘storage_capacity_unit’: ‘B’, ‘wan_ipv4_conntype’: ‘dhcp’, ‘wan_ipv4_gateway’: ‘’, ‘iot_2g_disabled’: ‘off’}

@pbranly Thanks!
Your router gives info about 2g and 5g network only. So there is no info about Wifi6

Hi thanks for the answer
This is my fear !
This router is supposed to support WiFi 6 .
Would you have any explanation ?
I must admit I don’t have any WiFi 6 menu either when accessing to the configuration pages
Strange ….

@pbranly I am afraid your router doesnt support WiFi 6 according router response. Also there is no WiFi 6 info in the router menu

I agree
Documentation is marketing oriented !
In this case, could you deactivate the sensors rather than having them greyed ?
Just an idea ….

I have researched and I noticed nothing about the deco x55 been tested, could it work? I’m thinking to buy it but not sure if it doesn’t integrate…

Hey, I just got the x55 and it does work with this plugin. Do note that it kicks you out of the web interface every time it polls, so just use the app.

And yes I made an account just for this