[Custom Component] TP-Link Router Integration

Home Assistant component for complete TP-Link router administration with sensors, button reboot, switches and device tracking.
With configuration via GUI



  • Router Reboot
  • 2.4Ghz main wifi Enable/Disable
  • 5Ghz main wifi Enable/Disable
  • 6Ghz main wifi Enable/Disable
  • 2.4Ghz guest wifi Enable/Disable
  • 5Ghz guest wifi Enable/Disable
  • 6Ghz guest wifi Enable/Disable
  • 2.4Ghz IoT wifi network Enable/Disable
  • 5Ghz IoT wifi network Enable/Disable
  • 6Ghz IoT wifi network Enable/Disable


  • Total amount of wired clients
  • Total amount of IoT clients
  • Total amount of main wifi clients
  • Total amount of guest wifi clients
  • Total amount of all connected clients
  • CPU used
  • Memory used

Device Tracker

  • Track clients by MAC address across 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, 6Ghz guest and main wifi with connection information

Supported routers

Fully tested Hardware Versions

  • Archer A7 V5
  • Archer AX10 v1.0
  • Archer AX12 v1.0
  • Archer AX20 v1.0
  • Archer AX21 v1.20
  • Archer AX23 v1.0
  • Archer AX50 v1.0
  • Archer AX55 v1.0
  • Archer AX55 V1.60
  • Archer AX72 V1
  • Archer AX73 V1
  • Archer AX75 V1
  • Archer AXE75 V1
  • Archer AX3000 V1
  • Archer AX6000 V1
  • Archer AX11000 V1
  • Archer C1200 v2.0 (You need to use web encrypted password)
  • Archer C6 v2.0
  • Archer C6 v3.0
  • Archer C6U v1.0
  • Archer C7 v5.0
  • Archer MR200 v5
  • Archer MR200 v5.3
  • Archer MR600 v1
  • Archer MR600 v3
  • Archer VR900v
  • Deco M4 2.0
  • Deco M4R 2.0
  • Deco M5
  • Deco M9 Pro
  • Deco P7
  • Deco X20
  • Deco X60
  • Deco X90
  • Deco XE75 2.0
  • TL-WA3001 v1.0
  • TL-MR105
  • TL-MR6400 v5
  • TL-MR6400 v5.3

Not fully tested Hardware Versions

  • AD7200 V2
  • Archer A6 (V2 and V3)
  • Archer A9 V6
  • Archer A10 (V1 and V2)
  • Archer A20 (V1, V3)
  • Archer C7 V4
  • Archer C8 (V3 and V4)
  • Archer C9 (V4 and V5)
  • Archer C59 V2
  • Archer C90 V6
  • Archer C900 V1
  • Archer C1200 V3
  • Archer C1900 V2
  • Archer C2300 (V1, V2)
  • Archer C4000 (V2 and V3)
  • Archer C5400 V2
  • Archer C5400X V1
  • TD-W9960 v1
  • TL-WR1043N V5

Please let me know if you have tested integration with one of this or other model.


TP-Link Archer AX10 support confirmed

I have made a research.
These routers also should be supported, but I can’t test the integration completely with them.

If you have one of them, could you test this component please and let me know?


  • AD7200 V2
  • Archer A6 (V2 and V3)
  • Archer A7 V5
  • Archer A9 V6
  • Archer A10 (V1 and V2)
  • Archer A20 (V1, V3)
  • Archer AX50 V1
  • Archer AX3000 (V1, V2)
  • Archer AX6000 V1
  • Archer C6 V4
  • Archer C7 (V4 and V5)
  • Archer C8 (V3 and V4)
  • Archer C9 (V4 and V5)
  • Archer C59 V2
  • Archer C90 V6
  • Archer C900 V1
  • Archer C1200 (V2, V3)
  • Archer C1900 V2
  • Archer C2300 (V1, V2)
  • Archer C4000 (V2 and V3)
  • Archer C5400 V2
  • Archer C5400X V1
  • TL-WR1043N V5

Is it possible to allow block device connected to wifi? Or can you add?

I will check

v1.0.0 Released


  • Added https connection support
  • Added CPU used sensor
  • Added Memory used sensor

v1.2.4 Released


  • Fixed Archer C6 v2.0 support
  • Added Archer C7 v5.0 support

Greetings, I have installed the HACS repo, and went to install the integration for my Archer AX10000 and got the following error message:

Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

Any thoughts as to what could have caused this?

Working for me on Archer AX3000 - thanks for setting this up!

It would be great if this could expose the IoT Wi-Fi network client numbers too (for each of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks).

Hi, @AlexandrErohin , love your work on this.

Can confirm that the TP-Link Archer AX73 - V1 is working. Very happy with it :clap:

Just 2 questions:

  • is it possible to change the standard scan interval 30 sec. to a smaller size? For
    instance 15 sec. after installation?
  • after setup I want to be able to logout from the router, because the TP-Link AX 73 only allows 1 admin login.
    Thanks in advance.
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Could you get the full error log? Like this one Archer A7 V5 setup failed · Issue #10 · AlexandrErohin/home-assistant-tplink-router · GitHub

Thank you for the info! What version of you AX3000 V1 or V2 ?
Could you make a screenshot of IoT Network in the router UI - I cannot find it

Thank you for the info about Archer AX73 V1 support!
About questions

  • Unfortunately, it can only change in setup window. You need to delete integration and configure it again. In the future release it would be added changing the system options
  • To get updates from the router - the integration on every updates - logs in → gets updates → logs out.
    So by default it logs in and logs out every 30 seconds. If you want to log in in UI - you would be logged out from UI when the integration makes its next update.

Okay that’s clear. So I’ll change the settings after a new install.
Thanks for the quick response! :facepunch:

It is AX3000 V1.

This is what the IoT Network UI looks like:

wow your AX3000 V1 looks like AX3000 V2

Unfortunately, my router doesnt have IoT Network - so I cannot add it to the integration.
It would be great if you could add it to the client GitHub - AlexandrErohin/TP-Link-Archer-C6U: Python package for API access and management for TP-Link Router and then I add to the home assistant component

Hmm, the sticker on the bottom says “v1.6”, so I assume that’s V1. It is this model, not this model.

I can try to add it, might take some time.

Could you check your links - it looks like links are the same

Oops, edited my post.

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Thank you!

Vorks on my Archer AX55.

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