Custom Component: UniLED, support for BanlanX, LED Hue & LED Chord type controllers

This component supports a wide range of cheap LED controllers within the SPxxxE range, typically controlled through Android/IOS apps such as BanlanX, LED Hue, and LED Chord.

Beta testing of version 2 of UniLED with support for even more devices and significant code improvements, is now available.

Steps to install the integration:

  • Install HACS
  • Add this repository to HACS
  • The integration should discover any supported devices
  • You can manually set up in the UI through SettingsDevices & ServicesIntegrations → Click on the Add Integration button and search for uniled

Note that this is also my first Python and Home Assistant component development!


Thanks for great integration, I have banlanx lights with integrated controller but it is marked as not supported even though app is claiming it as sp611e.

Can i contribute to your integration to add support for it?

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Coming soon, version 2 of UniLED with support for even more devices and significant code improvements.

thanks a lot for great integration, I am using these lights in my son bedroom to imitate morning wake up routine.

can you please include different manufacturer IDs into your code?

I have now added support to include matching SP devices against multiple manufacturer codes, although I have so far never seen other than 20563. Is only your SP611E or do you have others that report 5053?

I have only SP611E and the integration works perfectly with this change. It gets unavailable after couple of hours but i haven’t found the culprit yet

Thanks, I’ll be releasing v2 for beta testing soon, appreciate if you could test that the SP611E is detected and works correctly, as I have revamped the majority of the code base.

Also, out of interest, what platform and Bluetooth adapter are you using? I have had a lot of issues whilst developing on an RPi 4, using built-in Bluetooth so have switched to an external USB 5.0 dongle and have far less problems.

Great news, thanks a lot for sharing.

My raspberry pi is on basement but i have many esphomes around the house and relying on their Bluetooth signals to control the lamp.

They are very good at collecting the sensor values and controlling limited number of devices.

The problem is, when the lamp goes unavailable, even my phone can ot control it as the lamp still thinks that it is connected with esphome, so i need to re-power it.

Uniled v2 is now ready for beta testing, if you are interested in helping, then please go here

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thanks again, all is working fine so far.

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This is wonderful, thank you! It immediately found some “Elight” amazon string lights and is able to connect and control them right away.

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I just discovered this and bought a led strip controlled by a bluetooth device that uses the banlanx app. Hopefully works, didnt use bluetooth before on my home assistant pc.

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