Custom element doesn't exist: grid-layout

Hello there, I have been trying to make a lovelace dashboard based on this awesome tutorial but ran into a weird problem.

I get the error message Custom element doesn't exist: grid-layout. When I open up my console on the page, I see the error message: Failed to execute 'define' on 'CustomElementRegistry': the name "button-card-action-handler" has already been used with this registry. I searched this up, and what I found is that I declared the button-card twice while I have not. So I am still searching

While this has been installed and added as a resource. I have also cleared my cache and tried with a diffrent browser.

Hope someone can help!

Kind regards

If you have a file editor addon installed go and check if its really there. In the past i had this with the custom-button card and it was gone for some reason.
But the computer i installed it with kept displaying it like it was still there while other tablets and phones came up with the error.

If all other devices cannot load the custom element then something is wrong with the HA setup. Dont believe your laptop. Try clearing all caches on your browser on your laptop and see if the error pops up there.

I have since been able to narrow down the problem error to: Failed to execute 'define' on 'CustomElementRegistry': the name "button-card-action-handler" has already been used with this registry