Custom element doesn't exist: layout-card


I have tried to install the Lovelace Layout card but without success. I used HACS to install, I put int my ui-lovelace.yaml file :

  - type: module
    url: /local/layout-card.js

Restart Home assistant but I stil get the error

Custom element doesn't exist: layout-card.
type: 'custom:layout-card'
layout: vertical
column_width: 100%
  - type: markdown
    content: '# Grid'

What is going wrong ?

I have the same problem. Installing manually, same as 5 other custom cards. I cannot make it work.

Check your installation method. If you are using the community store plugin, than the URL in ui-lovelace.yaml should be

- url: /community_plugin/lovelace-layout-card/layout-card.js
  type: module