Custom Google Keep Notes sensor and Lovelace card

I recently wanted to see all my Google Keep notes in Home Assistant but unfortunately there wasn’t any components created for that. So I created a custom component to see Keep notes in HA and also a lovelace card to display them nicely in frontend.

Before this project, I had no idea how to do it, so I had to learn it all from the beginning. Please tell me if something is wrong and enjoy the integration and card.


This looks cool! Does checking them on the card check them in google keep?

Not yet. I can try to make it happen if it is useful for someone.

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Well done, I see the github repos are compatible with HACS too.

I see this too:

good work on the component, I’ll have to give it a try

this would definitely be nice to have

I am trying to setup 3 cards with my kids chore lists on the cards, 1 card per kid. When I do this, it creates sensor.google_keep_sensor, sensor.google_keep_sensor_2 and sensor.google_keep_sensor_3. However, the json attributes of the 3 sensors keeps bouncing between the 3 cards. One moment the first sensor is kid 1, then kid 2, then kid 3 (I don’t think it actually rotates them in order like that though). Also, when using your card for this component, the cards will change their data just like the sensor (which actually makes sense since the data is changing). Is there a solution for this? I have setup each sensor with the list ID from the specific list for each kid.

edit: it also prints out the checklist with all the items crossed out even though they don’t show that way in Keep.

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Nice, is there also a service to add an item, so we can use it with Google assistant?

Thank you for feedback. I fixed all lines being crossed out(I had somehow mixed checked and unchecked notes).
As for the multiple keep sensors, I had not intended it to support multiple lists for now but I will add the functionality later.

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what are differences with :

One is an integration, one is lovelace card.

I know, but the github links are other users, are there differences between the 2 sensors and 2 Lovelace cards?

To tell you the truth, I don’t know if there is a difference. When I needed Google keep notes sensor, I couldn’t find any solution so I created this.
Looks like this was uploaded almost at the same time.

cool stuff, i was already using this custom for a verry long time
it creates a service to add items
so that service i call with IFTTT, to add items trough google assistant :slight_smile:

would be nice to have this native in HA, but i think we still need IFTTT to pass arguments

Looks like I fixed the problem with bouncing. The problem was the naming of the sensors. Please note that when you update from github now, you need to manually specify name for each sensor.
Hope everything else works now. :slight_smile:

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I’ll check it out when I get home from work in an hour or so

I just have found your integration, it is funny that we have created our versions simultaneously :slight_smile:

is it possible to create a service wth gpeepapi, so we can something to the keepnotes from within HA?
and also use with google assistant? :slight_smile:

i am getting the following error:
create-card-element.ts:76 keep-notes-card Error: Please define entity
when define klejejs/ha_keep_notes_sensor

result = method(*args, **kwargs)
from the log:
File “/home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/custom_components/keep_notes_sensor/”, line 79, in update
glist_items = gnote.items
AttributeError: ‘Note’ object has no attribute ‘items’

How can anyone know without seeing your code?

Please provide the yaml code you used for both sensor and card.