Custom Lovelace Card Ideas

I’m looking for custom card ideas for Lovelace to work on in my free time and I’m sure that plenty of you have some great ideas.

Please submit them to the custom-cards repo and specify the required external services/devices required, if any, and any options/designs you may already have.

Looking forward to see what crazy ideas you all have. Thanks!


I’d like to see a much more customizable weather card. The customization is like to see is sort of what was done with the media-player-mini card which allows less real estate.

For example, I’d like to have a weather card to show daily and another to show hourly. One to show high and low temp another to display precipitation.

The ability to add custom weather icons such as the animated ones (found somewhere on this forum) so the ability to map icons to weather states would be nice to have.

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I absolutely love the look of this, however have not been able to get it working yet. But a version which is independent of Dark-Sky where we can simply use whatever corresponding entities we have would be awesome, and furthermore if each day could be clicked on to bring up a forecast description for that day. Currently I have forecast descriptions for 6 days ahead but haven’t got a nice way to show them. It would also need to not rely on external dependencies to get the card to display (major issue for many custom-cards over the last couple of days)

submit the idea to the repo, not this thread; or at least both, please

That’s what I did. Thanks

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Just requested a better version of the Light Card.


@Jer78 so for the daily/hourly are you thinking the weather card that exists now but without the top details for current weather? I’m thinking that would be a good/easy addition to

@iantrich Yeah you’re probably right. I’ll go see if there’s some interest with the author of the other card. Thanks!

Sounds pretty easy. I might take a look

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I took a look at my cards, and I think I’ve come up with a couple that I’d definitely use.

One would be a way to make a home theater system card. Right now I’ve got a media player card for both a TV and a Yamaha stereo. It’d be cool to have one card that you could turn on and off everything or other settings in one place instead of several.

Another one would be some good way to organize automations. Right now I use fold groups, which works fine, but doesn’t have a way to mass turn on/off automations. Basically I’m open to try other things.

And lastly, but not nearly as needed is I’ve made myself a picture elements card for my system monitor sensors. I’m sure there’s a cooler way to do it other than just placing icons and the values.

Hope that’s what you’re looking for! I don’t have anything started or really and idea on what you’d need so I’m hesitant to submit it to the repo…

A persistent notification card. Right now I’m using a combination of a conditional and the custom useful markdown card. But this doesn’t give me the ability to dismiss the message.

That sounds a good idea for core. Mind adding it here

A public transport card for the GTFS sensor would be awsome !

I’m using the custom gtfs from @renemarc, it can display the next scheduled transport.

Would love a card like the one he made with custom ui.

Thanks mate !

@jusdwy what do you think about a badge counter on the bell to start? I’m think a dismissable bottom sheet would be great as well or a snack bar

I think you’re much higher level on this than me. But I’m excited for the potential you see.

We need a better light card. One that scales.

I would like to see a more integrated way to set schedules. The end result would be setting an input_boolean or similar entity to on/off at scheduled times.

I’m thinking of something along the lines of calendar views, probably multiple views with granularity down to minutes and up to months?


That is just something for core. Not for a new card

Maybe something else then:

We’re setting up HA at work for our new office and we plan to use it for the alarm system. We want to put up a dashboard tablet with the alarm control panel but would like the panel to require windows/doors to be closed/locked before being able to arm the alarm.

I know this can be set up using a combination of conditional entity cards but I believe there could be a nicer way of showing it.