Custom template cover for WAREMA blinds

I’m kinda loosing my mind right now with integrating my WAREMA venetian blinds into Home assistant.

What I got:

What I tried:

  • @giannello 's WAREMA addon → aborted because I don’t have that needed WAREMA stick
  • IFTTT → no integration
  • Logitech Harmony → not integration
  • @cornim 's undocumented integration → dazed and confused me but hopefully with a little help I can get where I want

What I want:

  • at least the 4 binary sensors but of course rather fully functioning cover entites with position and tilt
  • I probably can live with binary sensors as long as I don’t have to use that app or remote control

Back to the undocumented integration:
I’ve copied the provided files into /config/custom_component into the folder ha-warema-integration_main and put the following cover code into configuration.yaml as he suggested in the issue thread.

  - platform: warema_wms_webcontrol
    webcontrol_server_addr: http://<IP OF MY WAREMA WEBCONTROL>
    update_interval: 300

I’ve validated the configuration and restarted Home Assistant (endless times…) and while restarted the custom integration is shown in the left corner to be successfully started.

But what now? Do I need to set up a template cover? But how with no sensor? Some kinde sensor based on the integration?

Any suggestions are that welcome!

Okay, just for everyone after me.

I pm’d @cornim and he gave me some hints and food for thought and I finally managed to get my shades working. What have I done:


  • copied the files from his integration into /config/custom_components/warema_wms_webcontrol
  • restarted HA
  • installed the integration via SSH & Web Terminal and command “pip install warem-wms-controller”; the add-on Terminal & SSH isn’t capable of python commands)
  • restarted HA
  • put the above code for the cover into configuration.yaml
  • restarted HA
  • got nothing!
  • wondered why the webcontrol app is working fine but webcontol in desktop browser isn’t reachable via http://webcontrol/index.html
  • rebootet that bloody box
  • boom…all of my 4 shades are present with their own cover entity and the needed functions up, down and position

Next step is to dig through @giannello 's code to try to build the tilt functionality. Wish me luck!

@RodgerDodger my code is purely a wrapper around warema-wms-venetian-blinds - npm - don’t forget to take a look at that!

Thanks, I already have but as mentioned above I don’t have the WMS stick and am not willing to buy it as the house is only rented.

My coding and compiling skills are just above surface level and I don’t know where to start combining cornim’s now working integration and your code for the tilt option I surely miss.

Of course I could try my very best if I could assist YOU.

Can this integration also be used for awnings?
I have my awnings connected to the Warema WebControl and the Android App works just fine.
Now I was wondering if it could be possible to integrate it to my Home Assistant.

Any advice is appreciated.

You probably can but not with the components that I linked above out of the box.
As you can see cornims provides functions for blinds without the stick but only up and done and gianellos solutions needs you to have that warema stick.

If you are smarter than me you could possible reengineer the provided code with your awning.

Has anyone ever tried to inquire Warema about information and possibly access to their API?

Hi RodgerDodger. How is the integration going? Did you get the tilt working? I am now in the same situation. Have still the flex to change my setup, but dont want to go wireless because of distance issues of the wifi. So I need everything wired to work. Any suggestions?

The integration is working just fine with every new update of HA. But no, I never tried longer than 1-2 hours to dig into the code. My coding skills are very flat above surface level and I lose interest very fast. :wink:

That is great to hear! and how did you get the tilt to work? Would you consider making and sharing a simple hand sketch of the wire diagram that shows the external Venetian blind and the Warema controls and how to set it up with HA? So I can get a better idea how you have it setup. Would really appreciate this. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your evening,

Unfortunately you got me wrong or I you.

I never got the tilt to work so I live with that. And I never had to wire the blinds by myself as they were already installed when I moved in. As mentioned in the opener I already had the Webcontrol so basic app-supported control was possible and the mentioned integration allowed me to get it to work in HA.

So probably not much help for you, sorry.

Sorry my mistake. :slight_smile: So no tilt through HA, but I guess you have full control through your WMS?

And as I dont have a WMS, was wondering if you investigated if you can send http commands to your WMS device, or to its web interface, over the internet?

And if not mistaken the WMS talks directly to your blinds through RF, if true, in your experience what is the max distance a blind motor can be away from the WMS unit with some block walls in between before it gives connection issues?

Yep, right, I have have full control via the WAREMA Hansender and Webcontrol. So whenever I have to tilt, I use the Webcontrol app. Not great, but good enough as I can at least automations for up and down via HA and I try to teach my wife not to tilt the blinds. :wink:

Just to get you right: You have venetian blinds form WAREMA but no Webcontrol or Webstick but only wall-integrated controller?

Don’t exactly know if I interpret cornims code right but I guess his integrations is based on http commands via the Webcontrol, yes.

“WMS talks directy”…not sure what you mean. I think MY WAREMA blinds are talking via RF to the Webcontrol, yes. Don’t know how far I can use this via RF as I don’t use the Handsender anymore but at least 10m inhouse through 2 walls.

lol, hope you’r not getting into to much troubles. :wink:

Correct, I only have ordered the blinds and motors and wiring is just started. Initially they told me that I would be able to use normal contact switches and the shelly pro 2PM. Only a couple of weeks ago, they suddenly came back to me that this would not work. So now I am lucky enough that I can still make changes to the setup, but I still want to use the wall switches I have and integrate the venetian blinds into HA with tilt. For this reason I am looking at all possibilities. :slight_smile:

If @cornim code is based on http, why can a tilt command not be send as well to the motor? Did you check this with him in the past?

ok, so at least you get to cover 10meter signal without issues. :slight_smile:

have a nice day.

cornim simply said that this his blinds don’t have tilt functionality so he didn’t implement anything like this as I can’t test it.

Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I still have not found a working solution to resolve the tilting issue. Its all so complicated unfortunately.

Hi guys, I’m new to this topic, because I just became an owner of Warema blinds. I have a USB stick and a remote control. From what I learnt there are two ways: either USB stick based integration or Webcontrol based. I did not buy the Webcontrol yet, but I would if it helps. I tried to read through all the discussions made in the last couple of years, but it is not clear for me what is the preferred way to go right now. Could you please advise? Is the Webcontrol cloud based? Is the USB-based solution full featured?

I have 4 Warema Awnings and try to integrate them to HA.
I am using the small black Warema-WMS with the web-interface.

I followed the steps of @RodgerDodger from May22.
I copied the files to config/custom_components/warema_wms_webcontrol
from GitHub - cornim/ha-warema-integration.
Did I copy the right files to the right directory?

after the pip command und the entry in configuration.yaml

  - platform: warema_wms_webcontroller
    update_interval: 300

and after some reboots I got the following states:


source_type: router
mac: 80:1F:12:06:4D:58
host_name: WEBCONTROL-Warema
last_time_reachable: "2024-03-03T20:28:48+00:00"
connected_to: LAN-Amberg
connection_type: LAN
icon: mdi:lan-connect
friendly_name: WEBCONTROL-Warema

the awnings do not appear (also after reboot of the black WMS box)
I still reach the awnings with the web-Interface.

Can you give me a tip hpow to procede?
I asume that I copied the wrong files in the wrong directory?!

As mentioned above cornims intregration is for blinds and probably for blinds only, so the awnings are probably not supported.

I can’t see if you used the right directory cause your screenshot only shows the files within. My path looks like this:


your directory was a great help - directory is ok / but I copied the wrong files!

But the bad news: nothing shows up! Probably the awnings are the problem.

Where can I see that the integration is really in place?
It is not shown in HACS…
Is this the proof that it is working? (but this was also shown with the wrong files)