Warema WMS Integration

Integration for Warema WMS Webcontrol? For Blinds and Shutters?

I’m working on something, stay tuned :slight_smile:

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The idea is to have a solution architecturally similar to the new Zwave JS - an integration + an add-on that handles the hardware.

A development version of the add-on exists here, and it’s based on this this javascript library. The long term plan is to contribute/fork/rewrite in python, still not clear how much time I can invest in this.

The integration is right now under development, and it’s basically a clone of ZWave JS and for my own sanity, uses MQTT. The setup flow is complete, will now focus on discovery. There’s no published code yet.
There’s a very primitive implementation out there, with tons of drawbacks/TODOs, but it exposes devices/entities and supports basic UP/DOWN/STOP.

I’m planning to add features in the next days, then clean-up the code.

Supported now:

  • Availability (items will be grayed out in the UI if the add-on is not running)
  • Position reports
  • Position set
  • “Ignore” devices - comma-separated list of serial numbers to ignore from discovery
  • sensors from Weather Stations (temperature, luminance)