Customizing home assistant frontend

I’m pretty early in my Home Assistant journey. I’ve got a number of my devices connected and a few automations running and it’s starting to make sense. The one area I’m quite lost in is customizing the dash view. Currently the system seems to be quite restrictive with custom css etc (which is it’s biggest drawback for me). I’m curious if anyone has ideas on how I might achieve something like the attached mock and still be able to have home assistant as the underlying system?

Thanks in advance.

I have never seen a frontend quite like that, but I would look at the markdown card

Tapping on a sentence would open a modal (something like this):

You could do it with this:

and this:

Thanks Thomas. Before I begin noodling, I have a couple of questions with using your plugins for the solution:

  • Is it actually possible to have individual items in the markdown card trigger a popup card on click/tap?
  • Is it possible to have a single markdown card fill the entire screen like the mock?

You may not even need the pop-up card. I’m not sure wht happens if you click on the template in the markdown card. Maybe ask in the card thread.

Yes, use panel mode for the view.