Customizing views/tabs

I would love to be able to customize the tabs on top, set the order, using custom images etc. like for normal entities!

This is already possible, read the docs.

Oh I’ve been reading but still can’t get it to work, used entity_picture but no image showed up on the tabs. Answer I got was that it didn’t work for groups: Entity_picture on tabs?

Also I’ve set the order according to the instructions ( but they are still not ordered as they should?

Mine just order themselves according to the order they appear in my groups.yaml, doesn’t need anything else, and you can use icons just fine to customise the look.

How does it order them if you split up the groups.yaml to a folder? could I add numbers to the name ie.

And yes, Icons works great but the one I wanted wasn’t available so I made my own, submitted it to MDI tough so just hoping it’ll get accepted.

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Sorry, don’t know, I still use a single groups file.