Daikin AC and Daikin Onecta questions

I am a new user of Home Assistant and have owned a Homey 2019/2023 for a number of years.
I can get by quite well with the Homey, but with Home Assistant I run into some configuration and login problems with various add-ons.

In this case with Daikin devices. These devices were found automatically, but no matter what I enter, it is all wrong.
Because I use the Daikin Oncta app, I searched HACS for the Oncta addon and I found and installed it, but there too I have to fill in all kinds of things, but I can’t figure out how to get it, etc.
I’ve been working on that for a day now with no success, so that’s why I’m asking for help here.

At Oncta I have to create an OAuth client ID, but even though I have logged in to the developer page, I cannot create an app there and therefore cannot get any further.

With the Daikin AC app I have to enter the host, but when I enter the IP address of my Daikin Emura it is not correct.
How do I enter the correct host there and what password is required for this? From the app or something from the air conditioning itself?


I hope someone can help me with these questions about Daikin. It will probably be simple, but it always is when you know it.

Home Assistant 2024.4.4 Core
20240404.2 Frontend
Home Assistant runs on my Synology NAS DS920+ (Docker)


Hi :slight_smile: I followed the steps in the integration repo and it connected successfully.

I’m now looking for a way to turn it on and off XD

I hope it helps.

I have got it working with the ID and secret that should work till spring 2024 and they still do.

I can’t create my own app with ID and secret yet due some errors but will go further with that when this ID stops working.