TP-Link Omada login issue

Just like the problems I experience when setting up/logging in with the Daikin apps, I also encounter the same problem with the TP-Link apps (default and via HACS).

The link I have to enter is not accepted in any way and therefore I cannot log in.
The Omada discovery tool gives this link https://localhost:8043/login and when I replace localhost with the IP address of the Omada controller it does not work.

This link Omada Cloud with which I access my Omada environment via the internet is also not accepted.

I would also like to know which link I should use as a host to log in for these addons.


I used my url like this https://IP of controller:8043
And the site user creds and the built-in omada integration worked fine

Don’t select verify cert unless you know that the cert is good

Unfortunatly this does not work for me.
Cannot connect to device.

Are you able to log into the https://IP:8043 using those same creds?

No, I can only login with this link via my browser “
Than I get 2fa.
And with this I can also login via my browser. “Omada Cloud

Within the HA (HACS addon) Omada I can’t connect with these links.
“Unable to connect to service”

Did you try
I don’t have MFA enabled on mine

When I use that link it generates the link above.
With :8043 it does nothing.

Looks like this Omada app also does not support cloud?