Daikin AC Integration BRP069C4x

Making the Cloud API open != local API
See 🚀 Exciting News: Announcing Daikin Europe Developer Portal! 🚀 · Issue #182 · rospogrigio/daikin_residential · GitHub

So it seems the cloud API will be documented, which is nice. But a rate limit to get the device info every 15 minutes could be a bit troublesome…


Have you documented your findings somewhere?
How did you connect the ESP to the S21 port? Do you have a schematic? :slight_smile:

I have been putting together a guide on the ESP32 here:

i didn’t even use custom cables, just 4 dupont female-female

no schematics, but honestly it’s as easy as hell :slight_smile:

This helped me, thanks!

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So I’m back with an update and the solution that fixed my daikin connection problem…!!!

I left the issue unattended until I ran into another problem with my HA refusing to connect my first ESPHome device. It was showing up in discovered devices but I was unable to add it to HA.
So thinking back about the daikin issue that had been plaguing me I found that what the two problems shared was the wifi AP they were connected to. (Aruba)
So after digging into the logs I noticed that the Aruba APs also had a firewall active that was blocking traffic from my HA VM (in vlan 30) from sending certain traffic to the daikin (and esphome device) also on vlan 30 connected through wifi.
Since I didn’t need my Wifi AP to act as a firewall, the solution was to add this rule:
2024-02-03 11_40_36-Instant-AP-Firewall-setting

After waiting 5-10 minutes I was able to add the ESPHome device AND my long lost Daikin Airco unit!
No idea why I was unable to figure this out sooner maybe because I missed the fact that an Aruba AP somewhere in the process activated a firewall was left out of the realm of possibilities.

Hallo, ich versuche meine Daikin Klimaanlagen in Homeassistant zu Integrieren. Habe Daikin Residential Controller (ONECTA) homeassistant Installiert aber es funktioniert nicht.Kann jemand ein Rat für mich.

I receive an unexpected error when trying to add the IP address in the host field to add my BRP069C4x (Daikin AC Unit). Can’t quite work out what I’m doing wrong. Any tips or tricks anyone?