Daikin Airconditioning & WiFi module

I have searched the discord, forum and Home Assistant web site regarding Daikin air-conditioners. The information seems conflicted, but I assume that is partly due to a variety of reasons: different model offerings in different countries, different model ranges within each country, generational changes in hardware boards etc.
I’m in Australia, summers coming and I’m about to drop $25k on 4 * FTXM35QVMA/RXM35OVMA and 1 * FTXM95PVMA/RXM95PVMA Daikin Reverse Cycle Split-System a/cs. When I told the guy I wanted to use HA to control these 5 units - he looked blank. Later he came back with a part number (that doesn’t come up in any web search) and an estimate of an additional $5k! Doing more searching on Daikin’s brochures/web site suggest the part needed is BRP072A42 or BRP072C42. I am assuming these are just different generations of the WIFI module - but again not cheap. Looking at some YouTube vids of similar Daikin products it appears as the installation time is < 15 mins.

So, can anyone confirm that apart from the actual a/c units, I just need a WiFi module to integrate into HA?
Can anyone confirm that the difference between BRP072A42 and BRP072C42 is just that the C42 is a later revision (and I note has caused some integration issues)?
Can anyone tell me the effort to install the WiFi module in time? And also any experience in what is a reasonable cost per module installed (if done at time of a/c installation?
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Have a look at this project:

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Thank you. Looks like a potential solution, may just have to get past SWMBO on having the “IR” wart on the front of the units :slight_smile:

We have 2 daikin units FTX18NMVJU installed. Each has a wifi dongle 3P427537-1A M15B190A. Who makes up these model numbers??? Anyway, the smart phone app leads you through the setup. Once we had these connected through the daikin app, our home assistant discovered them and setup all of the sensors and climate controls. The wifi link is particularly nice because it has a simple connection for the local network 192.168.1.xxx, and a more secure password protected setup for access from outside the local network.

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Just a quick update. I have received confirmation from Daikin Australia as well as another dealer that BRP072C42 is merely a later hardware revision of BRP072A42. If you order a BRP072A42, you’ll get BRP072C42 (unless someone is holding old stock).
The 9.5kW units (FTXM95PVMA) only need the BRP072C42 to provide the mobile app functionality and therefore connection to Home Assistant.
The 3.5kW units (FTXM35QVMA), in addition to the BRP072C42, also needs an additional interface board. The wifi board and this additional board are sold as a kit numbered 20-46WLAN.
I have been unable to get a unit price from anyone yet, nor the additional time take to install these units. From a cynical point of view, it appears as though they treat it as an additional opportunity to gouge! (a bit like buying accessories in the car industry)

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I have a similar system installed low down behind a chair under the AC. Completely unobtrusive.

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Thank you for the idea of location (BTW how are you powering the devices?)
I’ll have a look at the link you provided.

5V mains plug-pack in the power outlet right next to it. It actually goes via a smart switch as if let it run for more than a few weeks without power cycling it crashes.

First of all, $25k for 5 Daikins? Should be around the $12k mark at the most. The wifi kits are only about $200 each and take about 5 minutes to physically install.

The BRP072A42 kit is being phased out. This one works perfectly with Home assistant. The BRP072C42 is the new kit which was released recently. I just bought a couple of these today for 2 of my daikins. These kits don’t work with HA yet. I have done some google search and found that we may need to do some python coding to get these new kits to work.

Not sure where in the world you are Panayioti Gianoulis. I’m in Australia where the the Aussie Peso AUD1.00 is buying USD 0.68 at the moment.
A sub-switchboard needs to installed on the roof via a circuitous route and slim, largely inaccessible service ducts - which will add to the cost.
I would also like to make the point that the installation is difficult. The building is 120 year old warehouse apartment with a saw-tooth roof. There are rooms built into the saw-tooth and well as rooms on the main level. Access and pipe routing is difficult which adds to complexity. There is also a Heritage Overlay that needs to complied with.
The original bidder was not forthcoming on what was needed to provide wifi connectivity and was quoting extraordinary prices - by the time they added in the wifi units etc. it was nearly AUD27k in total.
In the end, I sought an alternative quotation, which I received this evening. The units are the same, there is better clarity on how the access will be gained. Whilst there are a couple of questions that I’m awaiting clarification to make sure I’m comparing “apples with apples”, but this second quote is AUD10k cheaper - better in my pocket than theirs :slight_smile:

For anyone reaching this thread from a google search, I am in New Zealand and in June to fully install 4 wall units each with the WIFI module and the outside unit cost me approx $9,000 NZD (obviously piping, labour and difficulty to install will be factors in any install). Also be aware there are multiple types of units as well; A Wall unit system and the ducted system (I believe that this is called AirBase), I just have the wall units all coming from the same outside unit and is what the info below is based on, if your looking at the ducted system the costs and details maybe very different.

To control the devices from Home Assistant you will need one of:

  • The Daikin WIFI controller module (BRP072A42, BRP072B42 or BRP072C42) which comes at additional cost
  • An external device which emulates the remote control

The Daikin WIFI controller module BRP072A42 is indeed being phased out and replaced by a more secure firmware - the BRP072C42 - which besides changing to https now also require a password printed on a sticker attached to each of the controllers in order to authorise the app with the device. Otherwise they appear to be the same thing and provide mostly the same functions. This newer module does not ‘currently’ work with the default Home Assistant Daikin component, however I have managed to hack together a version that does (see this post )

The WIFI controllers allow for setting and providing information back via the local network (yes folks, no cloud based sign up required) so you can read and change the status of the unit, get/set the destination temperature as well as get additional information such as current room temperature and outside unit temperature, which makes automations quite nice (eg. when someone is home, unit is on and temp < 16 degrees turn on, when unit is on and temp > 25 degrees turn off, when noone is home turn unit off)

On the flip side my work colleague went with the external device option which was a lot cheaper however he found that they can only emulate the remote control which are limited to a one-way signal, so you can turn the device on and set the temperature but the unit does not send status updates back to home assistant. You can still do automations but it can only be things such as if someone is home turn device on, at 9pm change to 20 degrees, when noone is home turn device off. (unless you have another device for obtaining the temperature - which was my original plan)

Of note in both cases the remote controllers provided with the units do not sync up with the unit, so if the wifi controller or an external device turn the unit to 18 degrees, the remote will still say its at 25 degrees and pressing any button will change it to 25 degrees (or off if that is what the remote’s last state was)

So what you choose will depend on how much you want to spend and/or what you want to have available for automations. Personally I think having to pay for each WIFI controller is a little overkill and money grabbing but it has opened some cool possibilities. (worth noting you can install 4 units and only have 1 or 2 with a wifi controller but wheres the fun in that)


Quick question about the WiFi controller - when you adjust the temperature etc via the controller, does the indoor unit “beep” like it goes with the IR remote, or does it change the setting silently?

I dont hear a beep when the settings are adjusted using the home assistant component for the C42 WIFI controller.

Hi all -

I have just had Daikin a/c with wifi module installed and all working great with HA! (located in Australia)

A few notes to help others -

  • The wifi module provided was the BRP072A42 (as per integration doc) - I allowed the iOS app to update the firmware to latest when installing. Note this is 2.4ghz only (no 5ghz).

  • The Daikin Cora unit I have (2.5kw Reverse Cycle) is model number FTXV25UVMA (note the ‘U’) - the one mentioned in the HASS integration docs (with a ‘Q’) is the air-con (cooling) only model.

  • before hooking up with HA I strongly recommend you assign a static IP address to the unit via your DHCP router. I had a lot of problems with HA caching dynamic IP Addresses and not recognizing new changed ones (required many resets etc and had to do entire thing after I lost power).

  • as per post above, using the IR remote control isn’t a great option vs HA as changing any settings don’t seem to register on the Wifi control output (and IR is similarly one way so it won’t pick up any state from unit). I’m assuming it must be due to Wifi module containing it’s own set of state and the IR module bypasses this (as it’s part of base unit).

  • Almost everything seems to be controllable via HA for this model (all good) including temp, fan, mode, speed etc settings.

  • The temperature sensors (which come up as additional binary sensors in HA) don’t seem all that accurate. I have existing Xiaomi Temp/Humidity sensors in same room (with +/-0.1 accuracy) so will personally continue to use that to determine actual temperature/trigger things.

Thanks to those who helped make this happen!


Is that confirmed behaviour by other users? You’re saying if you set the temp to 25 degrees via the IR remote control, the Wi-Fi controller does not pick this up and report the adjusted set point to 25 degrees?

Yes that’s correct. Any interactions via the IR remote (whether it be changing temperature or setting other modes) is not picked by the Wifi module - hence you won’t see any change in HA state. It seems to have it’s own isolated state management. The same is true in reverse, the IR remote will not pick up any changes made to the a/c via HA.

For us that’s fine (as we have a centralized dashboard/tablet + can replicate that around the house), however we need to remember not to use the IR remote for any control.

I purchased the BRP072A42 wifi controller modules from Peninsular Air Condition (based in Sydney Australia) 3 years ago for my Daikin Cora units and the installation took about 5 to 10 minutes. It wasn’t too difficult to connect up. It looks like Peninsular Air Conditioning now only have the C version at $165 each.

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With my Daikin Alira making a change with the remote does update home assistant, but does require a minute.

There is no feedback to the remote though.

@NiallG that’s weird. Maybe something in the difference between BRP072A42 and BRP072C42: we’ve just had a 4 head multi split installed (3xCTXM35RVMA, 1xCTXM25RVMA with a 5MXM100RVMA outdoor unit) and each head has a ‘C’ model wifi adapter.
When the IR remote controls the head I do see the status reflected in both their mobile app and HA albeit after about a minute. Of course as folks know the IR remote won’t know if the state is changed elsewhere, but at least in that direction it’s doing as we would want.
FWIW I’m using this custom component version of the plugin because the ‘C’ model needs HTTPS: Daikin BRP072C42 WIFI custom component

I’m also using the custom component.