[Daikin] BRP069B41 module New firmware 1_14_78 safe?

New Daikin ONECTA iOS App asks for BRP069B4x module Firmware upgrade to 1_14_78.
Is-it safe?

Yes, no problem at all with all of my devices

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Is the local api working even after the update? Or what is refered as safe?

Yes, safe means API is still working (for me at least).
And the best is the support of 0.5 degree steps.

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New firmware again. But no info about what has changed. 1_14_84. Does it exist some release note?

Did you get any information about this? I am also in doupt to update firmware.

Sorry, no more info found. 🫥

Did anybody try the new firmware 1_14_84. Is the API still working?

I have tried to ask from daikin some release notes… Let’s see if I get any.

Anyone did the update?

I did not yet. I am still waiting if I get any info from Daikin… but likely I don’t get any useful.

In 1_14_84 following commands seem to be still working: /aircon/get_model_info and /common/basic_info
I guess this firmware is sill safe. Did anybody try?

Can confirm that the new 1_14_84 version still works with Home Assistant.

The unit I tested it with is a Daikin Sensira FTXF35D with the BRP069B41 wifi module.

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I upgraded to 1_14_84 because otherwise the Onecta app wouldn’t allow me to add my Stylish FTXA-AW to the app. I can confirm that HA integration is still working.

Unfortunately I do get errors in the Onecta app: “An unexpected error occurred (HTTP 400)” when changing the temperature. After a while the temperature settings in the app totally disapperared. I have no idea how to get it back. Did anybody else got the same problems?

Sounds weird. Problem can be solely in Onecta app but of course there can be something wrong with update (signal naming from unit towards Onecta etc.). Likely nothing one can do except hoping Daikin will fix this.

I can also confirm that new firmware update was OK for home assistant integration. Stylish with B revision wlan.


I am prompted with a new Update 3_1_33 (from 1_14_84)

Does anyone know this is safe?

The 3 at the front sounds a little bit like a big change :slight_smile:

Since I have 4 units, I sacrificed one of them:

FTXF35D with the BRP069B41 failed to update from 1_14_84 to 3_1_33, unit is stuck on firmware update for a couple hours now. The AC does not work at all.

Therefore it is appropriate for me to say that this update is not safe and you should not do it. I will post an update if there will be progress.


Thank you very much.

Can you remove the AC from power to trigger a reboot?

If it´s stuck for this long this is probably your only chance to get it working again.

It kind of looks like they are pushing something faulty because updating 1 directly to 3 ? I saw that some old units have a 3.xxx version number

Same problem 3.1.33