Daikin BRP084C44 Wifi Controller - what do we know about integration?

I am just starting on home automation. I am very close to ordering a Daikin FTXM71WVMA which has wifi controller BRP084C44 in Australia.

I can find no information on its integration with Home Assistant or its automation protocols.

What does the community know about integrating this controller?


Almost all of the modern controllers are cloud only at present, with no HA integration.
There is a component on HACS which is able to use the cloud service and works very well. We have had it for over two years and it hasn’t been a problem, as long as we have internet. Some people have found other solutions to get around the internet issue - search for Daikin on the forum.
You may not find anything specific to that controller, as there are a lot of them about as Daikin have multiple sources but they all work in the same way.

Thanks very much. That’s what I needed to know. The obligatory cloud connection is slightly disappointing, but I have a rock solid HFC connection - so it should be fine.

I suggest you read the post I raised;

What F/W are you on for the controller? 1.19.0 or 2.8.0
if 1.19.0, do not update and do not update mobile app for now either, Daikin AC works fine on HA
if 2.8.0, it is broken for now, need a new fix hopefully from Daikin.

The MobileController app wouldn’t let me connect until it updated the firmware. It’s 2.8.0, so I guess I will have to wait for the fix.

Send a message to Daikin directly, the more people that complain the soon something might be done.

I had my Daikin installer forward my email on the subject to Daikin.

No HA integration works right now. Interestingly, this app that creates a Homekit bridge works perfectly with our Alira X (adapter BRP084C44) without cloud or login.

Running this auto detects one of our aircons and creates a Homekit device that works instantly. My coding skills are pretty bad but it might be helpful for a HA integration for someone!