Daikin Component - no climate entities created - task exception

I’m running 2.9.0 as well - I don’t think it’s the adapter that determines what’s available, it just acts as more of a serial to wireless bridge as the same adapter works on a range of models, so firmware updates probably just affect wireless performance more than anything.

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I have 3.1.1 on both of my (european) daikins which are also different models (one FTK and one FTX smth) but as I’ve already stated before: even with older firmwares I had fan dir & speed from day one since 2 years ago.


This morning have updated to v .62

using the new pushed daikin.py i can now see the component, it allows me to change the values, but nothing happens.

I can confirm however with your changes to climate.daikin.py when placed in my Custom_Components as per PR [SMALL-PR] Set default values for Daikin devices that don't support certain features by rofrantz · Pull Request #12000 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

that i can now switch on / off device. I can also change Target temperature.

One thing i did notice however when using the 12000 daikin.py in my custome compenents, Whenever i change operation between off and cool or others, the target temperature always resets itself to 22 deg regardless of what value is in there

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Thats great news @peterho I’m glad that everything will be fine after the next release and sorry for the delays.
About the 2nd part where temperature resets I can confirm u that it happends to all of us and I never considered it a top priority compare to the current issue.
I guess I could handle this as well in a future PR.
Our daikins also have support for holiday/away mode, humidity, power usage reporting (on supported models). Do u think that those features any other should be implemented sooner ?
Voting would be nice to see what the majority wants.

i’d go for the power consumption reporting. where should we vote?

I would be interested in monitoring humidity. I have one of these in my office where humidity can become an issue. Thanks!

@ekt we’re not many people here…so counting posts here should be easy enought
@dancwilliams before we do smth for that humidity, since I dont have that feature and I will not be able to test it, can u make sure u have support for it ? I’m asking because a lot of people reported that their device can control humidity from the infrared remote control but not from the ios/android app. Can u check the output of http://[YOUR_DAIKIN_IP]/aircon/get_control_info and let me know ?

humidity would be nice, but for me too does not work. get_sensor_info returns:

another great thing would be being able to read the embedded pir. there must be one, since daikin has a functionality of changing air direction based on presence. I don’t think I have seen returned anything resembling this info though, so it’s probably impossible.

that said, to me the state of the plugin is fine. I mean, if you can add other things that’s great, but current functionality are what I really need. and again, thanks for you work

Unfortunately with the pir info u r right @ekt or at least I couldn’t find any docs on it :frowning:

Any other features/modes would have my vote. There’s a few things that can be done via the remote but not the app/HA (which might just be an API limitation).

I’d also like to see power consumption - although not a high priority for me and it’s not going to change how I use it.

I thought I was going crazy with the unit resetting to 22 degrees half the time (I usually have it set to 22 or 23) :joy:

Not having the temperature reset to 22 and keep last set temp would be my first vote.

I doubt my.unit would have power consumption so that wouldnt be a need from me (I have separate power consumption devices anyway)

I guess that’s a wrap and the majority voted to fix that temperature reset. I’ll try to make some time for it this weekend. Thanks for all ur feedback guys

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Fix has been released by the way. Please let me know if anyone’s experiencing any issues or its ok.

In regards to:

I want to clarify some details:
The last 2 digits is a “set” number i.e. BRP069A41 - BRP069A45 has same wireless unit, but additional cards and/or cords. As i know there is 3 models of wireless controllers - BRP072Axx, BRP069Axx and BRP069Bxx.

BRP069Axx and BRP069Bxx are almost the same and fuly interchangeable at this time.

I have BRP069B41 on my units (FTXM-M), if you need any info i try to help.

Hi @WildRat u have told us a lot info but not any issue that u might experience. Do u have problems with fan direction and fan mode ? If yes, can u tell me the output of http://[YOUR_DAIKIN_IP]/aircon/get_control_info ?

I use my own webservice. I just want to share info and contribute to project. I will try to look through code and see if I can add anything.

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Just wanted to let you know that the 0.62.1 update for hassio works great. Thanks!

0.62.1 update functioning for me as well

Thanks for the feedback guys, thats great news :love_you_gesture:
I’ll keep u updated about the temperature reset fix when changing operation mode.

Hi all,

Is this component currently (.62.1) working with no custom component entries?

I am just getting errors in HA while the component is loading. It is working fine with Daikin Europe’s Android app. The wifi adapter is a European BRP069A43 connected to a FTKV25NVM4 (Thailand) unit.

Here is the output for http://[Daikin.IP]/aircon/get_model_info:


Here is the output for http://[Daikin.IP]/aircon/get_control_info:


The code I’m currently using in HA’s main configuration file is just:


I also tried in the climate component:

- platform: daikin
  host: [Daikin.IP]

And the sensor component:

- platform: daikin
    host: [Daikin.IP]
      - inside_temperature
      - outside_temperature

In none of the above configurations do I get an entity created. Please let me know if you want to see the HA error log…

Any help is much appreciated as I’m about to give up on this!