Danfoss climate unknown info

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Hi, sorry but didn’t know what to search for and could not find similar in forum so i have to ask.

I am using multiple Danfoss Connect Z heating controllers, all working fine but in HA is see

The “Unknown” should show Cool or something what i know. But my Danfoss devices do not support that or the current value i think. So i ask myself can i disable/remove the unneeded/ unsupported things from my climate components?

The empty current is not that big deal but the “unknown” in bold is an unwanted eye-catcher.

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I use Custom UI to change “Unknown” to “Heat” or “Idle”:

    custom_ui_state_card: state-card-custom-ui
      state: if (attributes.temperature > 8) return 'heat'; else return 'idle';

And for “Currently temp” I wrote a script Update current temperature for Z-Wave thermostats
And now I see this:


I got it working after figuring out how to set up this custom_ui stuff!



Is this still working for you?
I think everything is correct but no matter what I type the climate sensor disappear when rebooting.
There’s no error in the log and the configuration is valid.
I’m running Hass.io 0.78.3


It works just fine here.


Did you restart appdaemon?

Hmm, it seems that I have forgot something.
When reading on this page they say you have to create a .html page under /www/ folder, which I have not.

So, do you have a page under /www/ named state-card-custom-ui.html?
If so, what does it contain?


To use custom-ui you have to install custom-ui https://github.com/andrey-git/home-assistant-custom-ui

Or you can use python-script or AppDaemon app to change state of the climate entities.


Thank you!
Totally missed that part but now it’s working as expected.

Hi again,

Just one question:
Do you know if it’s possible to change the text marked in the attached picture?
In this example it’s says “Aktuell” and in my language it says “För närvarande” but I want to change it to something shorter…

Bieniu, I’m totally newbie at this. I have received some Popp Thermostats which have been included into HA. But I’m also seeing this “Unknown” state. If I download the python script, how do I implement it in my system in order to make it work? :innocent::innocent:

Python_script is a standard HA comonent https://www.home-assistant.io/components/python_script/

You have to use automation to run the script:


Thank you so much!
Regarding the L927 in your automation. What do that exactly do? My entities have the following name, and would work with the above?

  • sensor.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_temperature
  • sensor.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_temperature_2
  • climate.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_1
  • climate.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_2
service: climate.set_temperature
    entity_id: climate.thermostat_lazienka
      temperature: 23

This set target_temperature of climate.thermostat_lazienka to 23. This service works with all Danfoss thermostats.

I am aware of that, and that is working just fine for as well.

But it seem like if I copy your automations from above it won’t work for me? Is that because my entities must have the id “climate.thermostate_…”

Also I do have some external room temperature sensors which I would like the climate to take into account. I’ve tried your solution for this as well but without any luck… :sweat:

Try this one script https://pastebin.com/saKA93Gp
It’s change only state of the termostat entity. Start the script with this automations:

- id: heating_update_thermostats
  alias: 'Heating Update Thermostats'
    platform: state
      - climate.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_1
      - climate.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_2
    - service: python_script.heating_thermostat_update
        thermostat: trigger.entity_id

- id: heating_update_thermostats_state_at_start
  alias: 'Heating Update Thermostats State At Start'
    platform: event
    event_type: zwave.network_ready
    - service: python_script.heating_thermostat_update
        thermostat: climate.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_1
    - service: python_script.heating_thermostat_update
        thermostat: climate.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_2

Perfect Bieniu, that worked! :smiley:
Next and final question. How do I set the target temperature to be the value from my external sensor (I’ve created an average temp based on my room temp. and the thermostat temp. I would like to use instead)?

Target temperature is what you set on the thermostat (manually or via HA). If you set the target temperature as a average of measurement from the sensors, the thermostat will not work properly.
Maybe you mean the current temperature?

Oh sorry. It is the current temperature.
I think in some cases the current temperature is not always reflecting the actual room temperature, so that is also why I want this.

In case the thermostat has a built-in temperature sensor it will be difficult to change the current_temperature value because the thermostat will overwrite it every few seconds or more often.

Okay… Thank you for the help though. I wasn’t aware of that. :sunglasses: