Dark Sky Weather Card Not Appearing (No Errors in Log)

Good morning, all. I’ve been struggling with Google and this forum for the past 2 days in my feeble attempt at getting the Dark Sky Weather card to actually appear as configured on one of my views.

I can see all the sensors in the unused entities or on the states page from developer tools, and they are updating beautifully.

At the top of ui_lovelace.yaml: (exactly as it says to on the info page - linked at the end)

  - url: /local/dark-sky-weather-card.js?v=7.1
    type: module

Further down in ui_lovelace.yaml, I have this, copied straight from the info page: (properly indented)

      - type: 'custom:dark-sky-weather-card'
        entity_current_conditions: sensor.dark_sky_icon
        entity_temperature: sensor.bom_temp
        entity_forecast_high_temp_1: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_max_temp_c_1
        entity_forecast_high_temp_2: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_max_temp_c_2
        entity_forecast_high_temp_3: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_max_temp_c_3
        entity_forecast_high_temp_4: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_max_temp_c_4
        entity_forecast_high_temp_5: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_max_temp_c_5
        entity_forecast_icon_1: sensor.dark_sky_icon_1d
        entity_forecast_icon_2: sensor.dark_sky_icon_2d
        entity_forecast_icon_3: sensor.dark_sky_icon_3d
        entity_forecast_icon_4: sensor.dark_sky_icon_4d
        entity_forecast_icon_5: sensor.dark_sky_icon_5d
        entity_forecast_low_temp_1: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_min_temp_c_1
        entity_forecast_low_temp_2: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_min_temp_c_2
        entity_forecast_low_temp_3: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_min_temp_c_3
        entity_forecast_low_temp_4: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_min_temp_c_4
        entity_forecast_low_temp_5: sensor.bom_gc_forecast_min_temp_c_5
        entity_summary_1: sensor.dark_sky_summary_1d
        entity_summary_2: sensor.dark_sky_summary_2d
        entity_summary_3: sensor.dark_sky_summary_3d
        entity_summary_4: sensor.dark_sky_summary_4d
        entity_summary_5: sensor.dark_sky_summary_5d

Unlike other custom modules I’ve used in the past, this one is not throwing any errors, either in the log or on the screen when Lovelace is reloaded. It’s simply just not there. No outline, no blank card, nothing.

I saw on another thread that removing discovery: from their configuration.yaml caused their Dark Sky card not appear reliably, but I have taken that setting out and put it back with no effect.

Has anyone seen an issue like this one with this custom card, and if so, how did you resolve it?

For the record, I’m running Hassio 0.98.5 on Docker on Ubuntu 18.04. Here’s the page from which I got the configuration for the custom weather card.

Assuming you downloaded the card, have you checked that all the entities you have referenced exist? The card won’t load if there are entities missing.

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This was the crucial point I was missing. I will verify now and post the result. Thanks!

Thank you, David! I went through every entity on there and validated their existence. Sure enough, the weather card appeared right away when I modified the ones that were missing.

I wasn’t expecting to get it resolved so quickly. Thank you!

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