"Dark" theme, or "night" mode/theme

Lot’s of people have been interested in a “dark” theme for various reasons.
Some want it because they simply prefer dark over light and some want it so they can use HA at night.

Would be a VERY nice feature to have. :cat:



I have been looking for someone requesting configurable skins with no avail. It’d be great if we could either override color values in our configuration.yaml or have a few themes to choose from. (Like define a theme to start at sundown)

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i want night mode. This white blinding light at night time is killing it.

And make it dynamic so we can change by automation maybe from light to dark theme. On a specified time or if to dark show dark theme for example.


I would appreciate such a feature, too.
Themable home assistant with night and day mode.

I was about to open a new topic when I found this one. I support this.

Would love to have a dark-mode in the config. For example +1h after sunset. Or if livingroom lights are off AND sun below horizon.

Night mode would be great

Double plus do want!

+1 here as well. A night mode would be great. I know for cell phones, there are apps that remove the blue colour at night for sleep reasons; would be cool if that could be tied into the UI for HA too maybe.

Actually scratch that - I’d rather have the ability to create themes/skins. Nightmode would be just one of them.

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Agree, together with two default themes light+dark, this would be amazing.

i am not a programmer, but would there not be somewhere we can edit the colour of the backrounds etc?

It has to be set somewhere in the code to render I assume.

I think it will work short term, but will probably revert once ha updates.

I just added this chrome extension and it did the trick when browsing HA from my computer, not sure how to do the same from my phone/tablet though.
Care your eyes [Chrome Extension]

Edit: This one might be better

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I wonder if that works on mobile, I use HA from tablets and phones usually

Devs, I, as someone who’s not skilled enough to contribute to this kind of thing, beg you to implement this feature.
No matter how dim the display is, the all-white interface kills the eyes when we want to do something in home assistant. I have dual monitors, and I’d love to keep HASS interface constantly visible on my 2nd display, but it’s so distracting at night.
Not that important, but as @skycryer said, it would be awesome to be able to automate it.

I recently was looking into working on creating this, but the recommendation from HA Admin was instead to focus on using Dashboards instead.

Why did he recommend that?

I have noticed there is HA Dashboard, and it has dark support. But I think it is still important to have dark support on the default HA web page (Polymer front end) for use when developing HA configuration.

I also think it is a bit strange, since this is apparently the most voted feature request in here.

Maintenance. Keeping the core/backend code separately​maintained is probably a big benefit for rapid development and if the focus for that piece doesn’t have to include testing changes across themes, it probably does benefit the community more.

Similarly, any dashboard development could be focused on just that area without also testing out every backend change.

I’d still prefer just 1 additional dark “theme” option though, rather than have to turn to a dashboard where a lot of users don’t/won’t need most of that functionality and would prefer to just flip their web interface to a darker theme.

But if there’s already a direction the project is trending, it seems futile to go down a different road, so I haven’t looked into it further.


Nice idea. I just installed f.lux

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