Dashboard Access Only

I create a dashboard. Then I want to install that on my wife’s phone so she can control certain lights etc. How do I link to that without showing the entire HA system?

Ive done exactly that using the kiosk mode HACs frontend plugin. You can hide the top and left menus for users, non-admins or other configs. This also works in the HA app on the phone too. Ive combined this with mushroom cards which give a great look and easy navigation.

Edit - not sure why my weather card has stopped working tonight!

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Another approach is to use the default dashboard. You can make a tab called “Lights” and set your wifes visibility to visible. All other tabs to hidden. If you have other dashboards you can set them to “Admin only” so that only you can see them. You also have to disable the “Administrator” setting in the person settings page of your wife.

If you have some addons you can hide them from the sidebar via the addons settings page (where you can start & stop the addon etc).

It may be not that perfect like the kiosk mode because your wife can still see a few other things in the sidebar like the logs and history. Maybe they can also be hidden somehow.

The only problem of creating and assigning other lovelace for non-admin users and enabling fully is that when that user logs into HA he/she gets a blank screen and he/she can do absolutely nothing about it (since fully is active it’s impossible to select other lovelace either) - because at login a person sees default lovelace whether he has the rights or not. Admin must then disable fully, select “lights” lovelace as default, enable fully again and only then things work.
Pretty annoying. I’m surprised that HA is not made in a way that when non-admin user logs in he/she would see first lovelace that HE/SHE can see, and not default one.
Ok, one solution is to enter direct path to that lovelace into url, so, say, not homeassistant.local, but rather homeassistant.local/lovelace-wife - but it’s not a pretty one…