Restrict access to only using Dashboards possible?

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Restricting my kids to only using their allowed dashboard(s) would make sense. They shall not mess up the To-Do-lists (maybe one or two special for them) or even view entities that aren’t under their control. They shall not see energy tab, card, logs, media or to-do-lists. Just the allowed dashboard, maybe entities they control, media they get allowed.

How could achieve this? I can’t use something like kiosk-mode - they would find out how to stop it for sure. Do there exist any alternatives to kiosk mode in the meantime?

Not currently possible. This is in the wth section - rbac.

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The todo lists that shall be changeable by some users could be listed in a card on a dashboard that is available to them.

So it would be sufficient to have a setting “todo-list management is admin-only”, right? Only admins would have that menu entry and are capable of creating and managing todo lists.

This would be a simple solution without implementing a complete right management for all the other elements in Home Assistant.

Great! Now dream up a viable workaround for each of the other myriad items on your initial list and you’ll quickly see why that “solution” is nonsense, and the correct answer is system-wide RBAC.