Dashboard design for tablet

Made a design based on stuff I found on the internet.

It takes the default lovelace elements and swaps places. The top gets alerts and a clock.
The interface is made for an oled tablet to continuously be on. Fades to black and only shows time, alerts and specific cards.

A clean layout which removes unnecessary elements.


And your code is where?

If people are interested I will rewrite the code and release it.

Old code is related to post:
Help needed with crashed HA on USB

Nice work!
I’m curious too on how you did this, so +1 for your code.

Hi, I would like to see code too.

More screenshots more code :sweat_smile:

I have found a few fragments of the design. So here is the first release.

The script creates a top bar with time. The normal app header is moved to the bottom.
In the normal interface you can add icons, if no icon is found only text shows.

I code for a hobby. If people know a different way or better solution please tell.

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Added notifications to the top bar.
Message title is visible in the bar. Clicking on it expands all messages.


See Github for update

I wanted to try this layout but when I read the directions I’m not sure what to do next? After adding the style sheets and script to home assistant I reloaded lovelace and nothing happened. Am I missing a step?

This looks great! Is your code available? I see the previous link is now a 404

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