Dashboard/Loveface questions

Finally getting to my HA as a autoation system rather than just a safety system. Loving it.

I have a few questions…

  1. After I upgraded to 2021-1-5, I can see that I can create multiple view (lovelace/default_view, lovelace/test). – Does that mean I do not need to do the steps that I’ve read online how to add custom dashboards? Is /lovelace/default_view and multiple views the same thing?

  2. What would be the best way to get current temperature as well as a history 5 day temp into a graph. Is it possible to read in stats (or maybe MQTT) and store/graph them?
    I’d like
    2a) The current city weather
    2b) my own customer ESP8266/MQTT sensors
    EDIT: I think this is the winnner. Any way to get my own from my ESPP8266 into this from MQTT?
    Lovelace: Weather card with chart

  3. Is the best way to get an overall view of on/off switches to use the pciture entity with state switche slike this? It works fine, just curious

- type: state-icon
    entity: switch.rear_patio
    icon: 'mdi:spotlight'
      action: toggle
      top: 5%
      left: 45%
      '--paper-item-icon-active-color': yellow
  1. If I have some automation routines in Node-Red such as
    Time of Day - Outside lights on or off (on 6pm, off 6am) and I wanted to show the current state (I can send a MQTT state message) to be able to show the state on the dashboard. What is the best method for this?

I’m struggling to get the background to change on my dashboard?
I don’t know if I’m using the built in dashboard or lovelace or if they are the same?

  1. I plan to use a cheap android tablet mounted to a wall as a sort of command center. Is there any info on how to auto boot the tablet and show just the Dashboard page of HA?

Many thanks for all that build and support this great system.

I think i’ve got my answer to #5

Can anyone advise on this?

I’m getting near the end of my capabilities

Hi All. Weekend time and back at trying to fix up my HA.

I’m still not able to answer the questions above?

Spent an hour trying to et my background working and failed…