Dashboard timer card with buttons to easily increase and decrease the number of seconds, minutes, hours,

I would like the target value of the timer to be easy to read and change by pressing just + or - button on the dashboard. target value should be adjustable easily whether the timer is idle, running or paused state. A progress bar would be useful.

Something like this?

Or this with some extras if it’s simpler like only settings seconds or hours as a single value.

Hi Pieter.
thank you very much for your answer.

that’s not what I need. I use timers to control irrigation. I set the timer for 25 minutes. the valve opens. the timer counts down from 25 to 0. the valve closes. I would like to change the timer with one click depending on the observed weather conditions. the problem is that I don’t know how to adjust the time easily from the dashboard. in addition, when the timer is not idle, the timer value cannot be changed. I think it would be better if the timer counts from 0 to the set target value. I would like the target value to be able to be changed even when the timer is running.