Dashbord sur écran tactile Raspberry BI 7"


J’ai acheté un Raspberry PI4 Model B 4GO Ram avec un écran LCD tactile ’’Raspberry PI’’.

J’ai ensuite suivi la procédure d’installation avec succès.

Le Raspberry démarre, aucun souci j’arrive sur le Shell login Root enter sa fonctionne.

Je vais installer le tout dans une armoire électrique avec l’écran tactile en façade.

Voici mon souci comment accéder à la fenêtre générale de Home assistant “Dashboard” sur mon écran tactile ?

J’arrive uniquement à afficher le Shell.

Il y a un plugin à rajouter ou une commande spécifique a entrée ?

Je précise que je débute sur Raspberry et Home Assistant

Can you give us the English version of your question? We only offer help in English so that all users can benefit.

The quick translation of @sebchauvour question is this:

He’s purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 and also a touchscreen that he connected to the PI.
He was successful in loading Home Assistant and he plans to install the Pi and touchscreen in some sort of panel/enclosure. The problem is that when he boots his Pi it only comes to the shell login prompt. What he would like to have is a full boot so that the main HA dashboard displays on his thouchscreen.

I am sure that this can be done somehow but I am not familiar enough with the Raspberry Pi and its OS to comment.

Not sure on top of my head. You’d first need to ensure the pi starts with the gui on (type sudo raspi-config if memory serves me well)
Then you’d need to ensure a browser worth the right address starts, you’d want to remove the mouse, there are a few things to do.
Best would be to look at a magic mirror tutorial which would give you a similar plan of action