Datetime in To-Do list

Hello !

An option should be added to add a datetime to the todo ! In google tasks if the todo as a datetime, it activates a notification.
it directly adds another interest !


Just use the local calendar and an automation.

Personally, I need a notification in my smartphone when a calendar event ends. Google calendar doesn’t allow me to directly create a notification at the end of the event.

I need notification on my smartphone, but not just a push notification (because I’m able to delete it without reading), so a task is perfect! but with notify !

Maybe there’s another way ?

Personally I’d like to see due date as a datetime entity part of a to-do list. I think it would be great for house keeping tasks. For example I need to check gas fittings once a year, I could put that as an automation based on house-chores.due date == today, like flash lights, send notifications and display the title on a led matrix. Bonus points if we could make items reoccurring😍

Is that not what the calendar is for ?
When triggered you can add it automatically to the ToDO list.

As I have said in other posts, as written it is not a ToDo list … it is a shopping list.
If it truly aspires to be a ToDo List is is missing several things:

  1. Due Date
  2. Start Date (not creation date, start date)
  3. *** Dependencies on other ToDo’s ***

ToDo = Mow the lawn

Done Right:
ToDo = Mow the lawn by xx/xx/xxxx
Needs before:
ToDo = Buy gas by xx/xx/xxxx
ToDo = Sharpen mower blades by xx/xx/xxxx
ToDo = Chane lawn motor oil by xx/xx/xxxx

Without this, the integration is no more than having shopping lists. It ain’t “ToDo’s”


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Check out Calendar - Home Assistant

  - platform: calendar
    event: end
    offset: "0:0:0"
  - condition: template
    value_template: "{{ trigger.calendar_event.all_day == false }}"
  - service: todo.add_item
      item: You're done {{ trigger.calendar_event.summary }}
      entity_id: todo.tasks

I use both :v: