Calendars & Todo-List

I would really love it to see, when the local-To-Do List (new feature since 2023.11.0) could be linked with the local calendar.
For example, create a Todo-List entry from / within a Calendar-Event - or create a Calendar-Event from a Todo-List Task.

The underlying implementation is effectively the same thing so this is possible. Perhaps if we add a “due date” to do lists then it would make sense to also expose the todo items as a calendar entity.


Personally, I do not see an “Event” system and a “ToDo” system the same.
An event takes place at a certain date/time. A calendar is perfect for that.

A ToDo can take place anytime but needs a due date, one could assume the start date is the created date but that is really not sufficient as it should also have a start date and/or dependencies on the completion of other ToDo’s.

Example … I have a ToDo to mow the lawn. If you set end date then OK, you can push that onto the calendar as an event to take place on the end date. I may mow it earlier but now I am only going to see it in my calendar on the specific due date which seems wrong. Furthermore, I may have three other ToDo’s… sharpen the blades, get gas, change oil … that all need to happen before mowing the lawn.

I’m saying the local Todo and local calendar are literally implemented both with the ical python library and are the same rfc 5545. They are exposed as todos and calendar entities, but it’s possible to have the Todo integration also have a calendar entity for example with the same object represented on both. This seems to match your example if I read it right.

Google calendar puts the Todos on the due date as an all day event which seems reasonable. You can ingore the calendar view if you don’t want to use it.


That’s OK. We are speaking different languages.
I get it.

The ultimate statement is this … “Google calendar puts the Todos on the due date as an all day event which seems reasonable”

Not really but I get it. So this is merely a list that flows into calendar (not yet) for any actions.

Then please explain the need for ToDo lists … when everything can just be put into calendar?

In other words … as I said:

Calendar = Events
ToDo = Some “Event” that needs to occur by a specific date, to be started after some date, and relies on some other ToDo’s.

There is no reason to implement the current ToDo as 100% x 10 can be done with Calendars.

Cool. I’m not sure if you’re downvoting this feature request or saying something else (removing todo entities entirely since they are useless?)


The feature is important and one step (not the solution).
Calendar is not what I want for many things.

Maybe confusing but Calendar is great for what it does.
ToDo should not be everything Calendar does>

It should be designed to be what is expected.

Calendar = Events
ToDo = Tasks

I am simply saying … Tasks have a start date, end date and depend on things
Events just happen

In the rfc5535 Todo spec todos can have a start date time and a due date time, plus other fields (for example a description). So yeah agree there that those fields exist in general.

Separately, you can put those on a calendar if you want to. Clearly not everyone wants to :slight_smile:

Hey guys!
I think you are both right. Calendars and ToDos are used for different things, but there are people who like to time-block ToDos.

Personally, I add ToDos to a day, but if I know that a ToDo is meant for a specific time, I add that as well, and if I know the duration of that ToDo… even better, I add that too.

Adding a list of lists of ToDos is a step in the right direction. Now I can separate my groceries from home stuff in HA. :slight_smile: Hope to see more of this feature… Cheers!

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I agree in principal that tasks and events are different entities. The problem I’ve always had with todo lists is that mine are rarely time-bound - just a list of shit I need todo that grows longer, becomes overwhelming, and then ignored. Maybe there’s a solution in merging the two that would help me - a calendar showing scheduled events, task deadline dates, and a manageable list of tasks I should accomplish today. ToDo list is seperate - prioritized list of tasks and dependencies; but integrating today’s top three tasks, based on prioritiy and dependency etc., into my HASS calendar would be helpful…