Dbstats - Addon for database usage analytics

Hi! That’s my forst post here, don’t be too strict :slight_smile:

I saw many people who were struggling to analyze, what’s taking up space in Home Assistant. We have Quick Start to Home Assistant Data Science | Home Assistant Data Science Portal - but… That’s a bit complex even for me, with my 20 years of web developent.

So I decided to make my own addon, anyway I thought it will be a fun experience.

So, meet DbStats - addon with several simple charts to make things clear.
Installation instructions are here - https://github.com/jehy/hass-addons/tree/master/dbstats .Addon works with mysql/maria, postgres and sqlite.

One of the charts for example:

BTW, it’s built using Node.JS, TypeScript, React and MUI.
Feel free to use, test, star and contrubute.


Wow… thats nice.

amazing, also shows long-term ain’t as small as one might think:

Yup. Also, we can add any other charts, it’s really simple with addon.

Nice, how about a deep dive into the long term, as you can see, thats 5-6 times bigger than the rest of my db

Very nice. Makes me want to stop using MariaDB. Though it would be a chore to convert my SQL sensors.

How do I integrate this for Mariadb and Influxdb? The log shows “exec /init: exec format error”. Not quite sure what to put in the config options connectionString* area.

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Hi! Feel free to contact me on github. Please post your config and logs without sensitive data to help me reproduce any bugs.