Debian 12 (bookworm) supported?

Given that Debian 12 aka Bookworm’s about to be released (June 10), is this now supported by Home Assistant? 2023.5.x most definitely wasn’t, and I haven’t found any indication on 2023.6.x so far…

Given that debian 11 is now oldstable and 12 is stable, any news on plans on this topic?

Following as my Intel NUC has drivers that need bookworm to work correctly.

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I just upgraded my “test system”
(HAOS on Debian Bullseye to Debian Bookworm)
It seems to be working but I get 2 error messages:-

  • Unsupported system - Operating System
  • Unsupported system - Systemd-Resolved issues

Saw those too on my test system.

On systemd-resolved : Chapter 5. Issues to be aware of for bookworm it seems to be a matter of reinstalling

I would never buy a computer that only works with the absolute latest OS.

It’s an intel nuc 13 i7. It was released over 6 months ago. It’s bullseye that has lagged behind the current kernel dev, and home assistant even more (since a supervised install isn’t guaranteed to have support for up to 4 months potentially; architecture/ at e377af1de731bd3abe9090c3f6bd24d451230ddf · home-assistant/architecture · GitHub). The peanut gallery comments aren’t particularly helpful to the original question though - thanks anyways for contributing.


Still I think the same. Debian 12 will have a long way to go before it is stable. If the manufacturer of hardware , in this case Intel force you to use the newest OS to be able to use their products, I would not buy it. Very many will use Debian 11 for long time yet, before they shift. But that is a choice Intel has made. Thats one reason I dont use Intel. But that is my opinion.

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You do know that Debian 12 is now literally classed as ‘stable’ (after months of testing), right?

As the example of @joshblake indicates, there are (contrary to your statement) reasons to move to Debian 12. Main goal of this topic is to ask if there is visibility on what HA’s plans regarding this are.
Afraid I agree then about the ‘peanut gallery comments’.

Let’s get back on topic and hopefully get some indication on what we can expect.

For what it’s worth, on my test system, bookworm ran very smooth and snappy, I’d even say it ran somewhat better.


Even with the message, it’s running fine. Except systemd-resolved. I had to install it again (was somehow removed and openresolve stopped working).

PS: Using supervised

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So I did a dry run fresh install on an RPi4 that I had done a Bullseye RPi4 Fresh install on, then done a dist-upgrade through APT to Bookworm. I installed the deps for a supervised install, and then installed the supervised deb package available with the following command: sudo BYPASS_OS_CHECK=true apt install ./homeassistant-supervised.deb - this bypasses the Debian 11 system check and compels the install. The supervised install works although runs into issues configuring NetworkManager unless it is previously configured and external control of your networking will be unavailable. Since systemd-resolved is not the default manager in Debian 12, and requires manual reinstallation, I anticipate there will be hiccoughs here for the average user. I have not tried on an install where NetworkManager is previously configured prior to a dist upgrade. Aside from this issue, supervised will whinge about not being on a supported OS (although this can be suppressed via CLI) but has run without issue for 24h now.

While browsing the HA github pages, I came across this: Bug Report: Debian 12 not listed as supported OS · Issue #296 · home-assistant/supervised-installer · GitHub . Seems like the support for Bookworm is coming in the next release (without any confirmation when).

Good to see things are happening!

Homeassistant states in its own documentation, that it only supports bookworm:

Supported Operating System, System dependencies and versions

Docker CE (Community Edition) is the only supported containerization method for Home Assistant Supervised. We only support FHS 3.0 on the host file system.

  • Docker CE >= 20.10.17
  • Systemd >= 239
  • NetworkManager >= 1.14.6
  • udisks2 >= 2.8
  • AppArmor == 2.13.x (built into the kernel)
  • Debian Linux Debian 12 aka Bookworm (no derivatives)
  • Home Assistant OS-Agent (Only the latest release is supported)


Nevertheless installation of homeassistant-supervised.deb fails

Just saw on github:

“Bug Report: Debian 12 (bookworm) support #299
Debian 12 (bookworm) is now the default install for Debian. It was released on June 10th, and superseded Debian 11 (bullseye). The supervisor package current is not setup to support Debian 12, thus blocking the ability to install.”

The homeassistant-supervised.deb package does not expect Debian 12. You could install Debian 11, it is easy to upgrade to Debian 12 after you get HA running. I suspect that is what everyone currently using Debian 11 will be doing over the next few months.

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i installed debian 12 supervised today the only thing i needed to do before installing disable modemmanager install systemd-resolved i always when installing HA copy past commands from here so it also installs jq wget curl udisks2 libglib2.0-bin network-manager dbus systemd-journal-remote Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 11 - Community Guides - Home Assistant Community ( all works fine auto discovery and addons no issues for now yes unsupported OS so unsupported system but i install things outside HA anyway so my setup always shows unsupported but as long as it shows healthy im ok with that. i thought i test 12 im going to move my 5/6 year old debian install to new machine with proxmox and debian in VM but im still bit scared it all works so well i used clonezilla to copy the phisical drive to VM drive but its going to be a mess because it uses nvidia GPU for plex jellyfin ffmpeg compreface frigate etc and the new one has only Iris Xe igpu but all for less power usage its a old dell server the new one gen12 i7 1270p. but to use the iris xe as vgpu in debian i at least need kernel version 6.1 so debian 12 would be perfect because it comes with 6.1.

you should have read the install instructions. It specifically mentions that was removed and needed to be manually added

And you should recognize, that i upgraded before the official support. Therefore no install notes :wink:

I have a problem during installation
For some reason I’m losing my internet connection, but I’m connected on the local network

apt install ./homeassistant-supervised.deb

I am getting an error

Connecting to (github. com)||:443… failed: No route to host.

And since then I have no access to the internet, did the dns settings get messed up… I’m not sure

To fix all this, I have to restart the network settings using the commands that chatGPT wrote for me

I’ve been trying to switch the system to debian 12 for a couple of hours now and I’m starting to get a headache

The command creates a veth (Virtual Ethernet)
And for this reason I lose internet

I still haven’t been able to install HA

There were install notes for the pre-release of bookworm