Deceptive Site Ahead after switching to DuckDNS

Bernardo let us know if you have managed to resolve your issue. Same story… Once AMP installed suddenly site is marked as deceptive and mobile app crashes once reaches Lovelace !!!


Same thing here … I installed Alexa Media Player and Deceptive site is shown, after that Home assistant app keeps crashing on Android.
I want to buy Nabu Casa subscription but I only wanted to send text to voice notification to my Alexa echo device and I can’t see that Nubu supports that.
Do any of you know how any alternative to Alexa Media Player or simply a fix to Alexa Media Player and Deceptive site.
Thank you

My Android app has started crashing too now, I’ve not even added any new integrations. I do have Alexa Media player already installed. I’ve submitted the incorrect Phishing log, so let’s see if that fixes it. HA opens on my chrome browser once I click past the message, but on Android it loads for about a second then crashes

I’m having the same issue, except I’m not using DuckDNS. I have my own legal registered domain that I am using.

Mine was fixed same day once I submitted the request to Google

Adding Alexa to Home Assistant caused my Duckdns subdomain to get the Google warning splash page and that kills the app. Firefox did the same.

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I switched to Nabu Casa remote access and it’s fine for now.
DuckDns is still totally blocked

You just need to submit the page to Google to get it unblocked, took less than 2 hours for it to resolve my issues

I think you may be onto something here… I setup Amason/ Alexa media player 2 days ago and now i’m getting this with my CloudFlare connection.

Anything here? I got the same and have been using Alexa media player for more than a year so I’m not sure this is the issue.

I’ve been using duckdns w/ NGINX add-on and Let’s Encrypt for around two years. Started getting this a few days ago and no configuration was changed. I’ve submitted a request to google over three days ago but they haven’t unblocked the site.

Any ideas what to do next?

Same with me - submitted the info to Google and unblocked same day.

I submitted to get unblocked and it was unblocked about 8 hours later. 2 weeks later they block again.

My solution was to switch to I used this add-on by koing Add-on: Dynu DNS (alternative to DuckDNS)

Hi All

Just for info, as soon as i installed the Alexa media player using dynu and duckdns if got the deceptive site pages.

Thanks Brett

I have the same issue, sent like 6 reports to goolge but still blacklisted.

I have had the AMP installed for years with out a problem.

Any idea on what to do?

no idea what to do now.

Same issue here, only chrome too, Edge no problem with this. With chrome blocking it actually breaks a lot of functionality so I’m now having to use Edge to work around this.

Same thing happened to me with AMP update yesterday…I have requested to unflag my external url yesterday but no luck yet…

Btw, to use AMP and Google Assistant it’s also recommended to forward port 443, I wasn’t forwarding it as I never had any issues with the integrations but that might actually be the reason why my external url got flagged after AMP update, dunno…not really savvy on these things but thought I should share.

UPDATE: they have finally unflagged my external URL (in less than a day).

I’ve had this happening with Chrome for a while, but now it’s happening with the iOS app as well.

Can someone breakdown what you’re meant to do to get Google to unblock things?