Add-on: Dynu DNS (alternative to DuckDNS)

As DuckDNS is a bit shaky recently, I created an alternative add-on using the Dynu DNS provider, which ranks as amongst the best free dynamic DNS providers around as far as I could see.
It has a bit more variety as far as the root domains available, which is nice.

The addon is at 99% a copy of the duckdns addon.

I don’t use the add-on myself. My “main” HA is not even on HassOS, tbh.
This is a “gift” to the community, and an exercise for myself.


Dynu DNS is a free service that points a DNS to an IP of your choice. This add-on includes support for Let’s Encrypt and automatically creates and renews your certificates. You need to sign up for a Dynu DNS account before using this add-on.


  1. Navigate in your Home Assistant frontend to SupervisorAdd-on Store.
  2. Click 3-dots menu at upper right > Repositories and add this repository URL:
  3. Scroll down the page to find the new repository “Add-ons from Koying”, and click one of the new add-ons.
  4. Click Install and give it a few minutes to finish downloading.
  5. Configure at Configuration tab or separate file in Configuration folder according to the instructions of the add-on.
  6. Click Start, give it a few dozen seconds to spin up.
  7. Enjoy.


Open a ticket at the github repository

Thanks for this!, I use Dynu and installed the LetsEncrypt add-on and then found it is not one of the supported DNS providers, this is just what I needed, will give it a try…